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Topics covered include war in the Middle East, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, globalization, implanted microchips in humans, Big Brother surveillance technology, a cashless society, human cloning, hybrid chimeras, genetically modified food, robotics and artificial intelligence, 3-D holographic images, global warming, extreme climate changes, weather modification, bizarre new diseases, the removal of the Ten Commandments and Christian symbols from public display, the persecution of Christians around the world, super volcanoes, mega-earthquakes, tsunamis, the risk from asteroids, extreme solar eruptions, the global elite, conspiracies, the New World Order and more…

TRUNEWS is posted daily at 6 pm EST here:

Group Rules: Please use direct links when posting news. Disinformation attacks and compromised links will likely be deleted. These policies are followed to combat active government disinfo operations targeting the truth movement.

This group has been updated to reflect a change of focus from only TRUNEWS to all on-topic and relevant news and broadcasts. If you have a feed or news source you would like added, please send your suggestion to a group admin for consideration.

Note: Be careful of clicking unfamiliar/shortened links, as the government admits to monitoring patriot networks. Protect yourself and use an intermediary network!

US spy operation that manipulates social media
Military’s ‘sock puppet’ software creates fake online identities to spread propaganda

News Sources:

Radio Shows & Interviews:
The Alex Jones Show & Infowars Nightly NewsATLAH Media NetworkAugusto Perez InterviewsBig Mike and Little StevieThe Coming Apocalypse with Pastor Paul BegleyHagmann & Hagmann ReportNTEB RadioNathan LealStan & Holly Deyo InterviewsSteve Quayle, Hawk, Darren Craddock…Pass the Salt RadioRevelation News RadioRevelation Radio NetworkThe Ragged Edge with Russ DizdarTRUNEWSWatchmen RadioXMAN

Relevant YouTube Channels:
AstonisherATLAH WorldwideOfficial Harvest Army ChannelJD FaragMOXNEWSMr. Censor MePaul BegleyProphetic InfowarsSBPITN – A Special Message from Rick Wiles

Mission Details

'Complete Your 'Base, Location, About Me & Interests' Sections Of Your Profile!'
Due Date: February 4, 2013 at 11:00 am

"This will help everyone find people with similar interests and locations. When you have completed and saved your sections you will be able to.. FOR EXAMPLE.. click on a band name or city you've entered on your profile. PlanetInfowars will then show you anyone who also entered that band or city..etc.

This will prove to be a useful tool for meeting like minded people in your area and worldwide.

Just go to 'my account' - 'profile' - 'edit' and complete each section.
The 'base' section should be complete, but you will find the 'Location' ' About Me' & 'Interests' links above your profile name box."

By loui (one of two main admins)
and thanks to Trunews admins for keeping the missions open . :)

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