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The Los Angeles Truth Corps

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This group promotes activism to expose mainstream media lies about 9/11 and the recent mass shootings and the supposed “need for gun control”. It will also expose the trend towards totalitarianism and violations of peoples rights, property, and lives by the growing, centralized socialist government which is festering with Bankers, socialists, secret society members and United Nations devotees.

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Rally To Expose The Mass Shooting Agenda
January 12, 2013 at 12:00 pm

The point of this upcoming protest is to get people from the community informed about the the growing
trend towards Totalitarianism in government, false flag terror operations, and the connection of these two things to the recent mass shootings. We will be exposing evidence that the recent mass shootings have signs of government involvement and cover up, and that the media is largely anti-gun and covers up facts about these shootings.

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