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Stop Isreal

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I was invited to a pro Isreal group here on planet infowars & I declined they’re offer. Because I may be a Christian but I’m not a fan of Isreal for many reasons or zionism,AIPAC especially & thats all I can say in one sentence.

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Waking Christians up to Zionism
Due Date: November 30, 2012 at 7:00 am

Christians need to wake up to how dangerious ZIONISM & learn about the Cintagaug of Satan,ZIONIST pastors are leading the flocks to slaughter in both the spiritual & physical slaughter. True Christians need to educate our pastors & the flocks,so lets come together to shed light on whats blinded our fellow Christians for to long brothers and sister.

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I think this is one of satan's tactics. Today I was discussing this with my dad who is a pastor. Many Christians refuse to study evil and the occult simply because they're scared of it or offended. If you were a soldier in a war wouldn't you want to know the tactics of your enemy? We are in a spiritual war and must engage the enemy in spiritual warfare. May Jesus bless you.

gregthemax is 0% complete.
I'm with you 100% the scariest thing for me to see on a daily basis is all of the christians i know think it's strange i dont support israel.

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