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Campaign to destroy facebook!!! Choke them where it hurts!

Facebook does not generate ad revenue from their mobile clients (iphone app, android app, etc etc) their expensive infrastructure and bandwidth is required to provide the services…so by using facebook mobile they are unable make $$ from your traffic!

Note: for intents and purposes it does not matter what you post to facebook; you can post jibberish as long as you are utilizing facebook’s systems without them having the ability to turn that into revenue. Of course the goal of this group is a mass exodus from facebook, but it is focused on hastening the inevitable downfall by encouraging those still using facebook to use the mobile platform by any means…literally promoting facebook’s mobile platforms whether you state the reasoning or not. This group’s intent is for promotion of the mobile platforms or to stop using facebook altogether.

Mission Details

Kill Facebook - Tell 1 Friend how
Due Date: October 13, 2012 at 7:00 am

Tell a friend to USE and only use facebook mobile apps or

Overwhelm facebook where it hurts!!

Created by jsk on July 31, 2012 at 5:01 pm. Last modified by jsk on October 5, 2012 at 12:46 pm.

Members taking the mission:

Jeff is 0% complete.
I use Spacebook (facebook) to use the spy grid against them i post lots and lots of truths back at them hope the truth is more exiting and hope the tyrannts will change there corrupted ways ....

Vietman is 0% complete.
The last thing I want is to give Facebook my GPS and mobile phone number.

Vietman is 0% complete.
The last thing I want is to give Facebook my GPS and mobile phone number.

Benjamin is 100% complete.
Facebook=Screwed over by BENJAMIN LANTZ.

bluefood is 0% complete.

Peralisc is 0% complete.
what's the point of doing this?

christie is 0% complete.

Gram is 100% complete.
We can sink more than just facebook do it to all major ecommerce companies! {{{M.EBAY}}} >>> IS JUST AN EXAPMLE<<< NOT ALL WILL WORK SOME HAVE BETTER SERVERS THAT PING YOUR IP BUT SINK ALL THAT YOU CAN AND HIT THEM WHERE IT HURTS!

kingzulu is 0% complete.
use my friends and followers 2 use fb mobile

Jared is 0% complete.

polymerg95 is 75% complete.
I killed it and have 4 days to go before the 14 day wait thing is over. For me, when I found out they are complicit in the governments attepts to pry into our communications, I decided I had enough!!! I hope the whole thing crashes and burns

Shane is 0% complete.

Shane is 0% complete.

digitalpatriot is 0% complete.
I hate facebook. I only use it to promote my website. If I didn't have that reason, I wouldn't use it at all. I think it absolutely kills people's social lives, instead of improving it. So much for "social network".

João is 100% complete.
I think there´s a bigger purpose to this mission than the simple obstruction of a profit making machine.I´m sick of sharing photos and stupid comments about stupid little things with virtual friends,that do nothing to improve my lifestyle and well being.If anything,it is responsible for "killing" my social life,replacing real meaningful conversions with idiotic text messages and mind numbing

Charles is 0% complete.
I just do not get it. I do understand that by using facebook we all can connect the dots between users. But I like facebook and I am not affraid of anyone connecting my dots. I do not do anything illegal...well, at least not anymore.

Damien is 100% complete.

ShawnaK is 100% complete.

Aaron is 50% complete.
I have ad-blocker for my browser but I still use it because there's certain people I can only get a hold onto there.

Jack is 90% complete.

Blessed_Always is 50% complete.
Thank you for the additional info. Please watch Richard Stallman on You Tube discussing Facebook, Google, Amazon Kindle, Microsoft. His website is: Free Software Foundation. Use for Search Engine Dr. Katherine Albrecht

Blessed_Always is 50% complete.
Thank you for the additional info. Please watch Richard Stallman on You Tube discussing Facebook, Google, Amazon Kindle, Microsoft. His website is: Free Software Foundation. Use for Search Engine Dr. Katherine Albrecht

mrsactown is 100% complete.
Deleted account - Two weeks - exhilarated

Richard is 100% complete.

arpanaut is 0% complete.
I deleted my account after only a couple of months. I found it an unnecessary distraction. Plus its founder is begging to be flung into some fast-moving motorway traffic.

Rick is 100% complete.

Sean is 100% complete.
I deleted my Facebook once I found out they were douchebags who scam their customers and users. Stop taking half measures and operate in full. This is the only social networking site I use because I believe in its operator. Stop supporting evil douche bags and they won't have money.... it seems simple.

Angela is 0% complete.
I dont have a mobile.....My facebook page is filled with pages and pages of like minded informatioin, I find it very informative and useful. Plus, you cant delete, you can only stop using. If you go back, it's still there. I tried deleteing once, and was suprised to find it all where I left it when i cahnged my mind and went back.

eddieriver is 100% complete.
I closed my facebook account after 1 hour. It is the dullest waste of time, and I never waste the chance to express that opinion.

is 100% complete.
We tell every listener we have to delete their facebook. I personally tell everyone I know to stop using facebook and google. I even explain how just using those platforms and allowing their ads to appear on their screen generates revenue form them!

Luc is 0% complete.
i stopped using facebook,not going back now. there is no need to "kill" facebook when it is already suicidal

G is 0% complete.
I rarely use it other than to spread the messages of the truth up on there to the fools who can't tell the difference between right from wrong.

Mister is 99% complete.
use any and all browser ad-blocking plugins/apps/programs that you can.

Cal Icon is 50% complete.
I am going to remove my account at Facebook, I just need to get it done as I never go there.

Mark is 0% complete.
I believe facebook to be one of the 3 biggest,government spy agency's in America. I quit using it a couple of years ago.

Dali Vaya is 100% complete.
I do everyday

is 0% complete.
What about the ad revenue from this site? How can I boycot that?

is 0% complete.

diana is 0% complete.
I think its easier to use facebook on my phone anyhow.

Scarsketch is 80% complete.

Paul is 50% complete.
I mainly use facebook to paas on the information from infowars & other great sites, i like the idea of an app or program that will allow me to block any adverts on FB.

Kerry is 100% complete.
You can also use Ad Block Plus along with a few other add-ons to kill their ad streams and following capability when using Firefox and Chrome Browsers and maintain full functionality of using your regular computer. Why let them chase you off your computer? Don't cede anything.

is 100% complete.
Haven't had facebook since 2008, last week, after I talked to my brother for a few days, he deleted his account as well.

TasK211 is 100% complete.
Went a step further and deleted bookface for good with a little break up speech!

wokenup is 100% complete.
i don't have an account ...pretty much never had one...

Chad is 100% complete.
i erased mine, it only caused problems and made me a sheeple.

inthedetails is 50% complete.
Instructing one relative and one friend.

is 0% complete.
Why use it at all.

Advance Freedom is 100% complete.
I'll will tell everyone I know that uses facebook to do this. p.s. I DONT USE FACEBOOK. they steal your information!

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