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Psychic Reconnaissance Operations

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A group for the retrieval, checking and utilization of unconventionally gathered data via psycho-spiritual techniques and practices including and not limited to…

Remote viewing/ Astral projection
Mental-technological reconnaissance

A place to work together: Dream a new day together for us all.

(Psychic Reconnaissance Operations will not tolerate Black Magic, Psycho-kinetic Assaults or Sabotage against staff or members)

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Missions For February 2017:

There are no missions scheduled for this month

Upcoming Missions

Mission #4: Earth Psychic Revolution

Complete by Thursday Dec 31, 2020 / 11:45 pm | more...
6 people are taking this mission
Join the EARTH PSYCHIC REVOLUTION! Stimulate the acceptance and legitimization (understanding) of psychic reality for the masses and in governmental and scientific institutions. Fight the technological takeover of the human mind. Become a psychic warrior! Anti-technocratic trans-humanism. Pro-psycho-spiritual reality and transcendent logic. Consider this mission to be in direct conflict with...


Complete by Saturday Dec 31, 2022 / 12:00 pm | more...
3 people are taking this mission
There exists today a language, a poor imitation of proper Human language, that is transferred mentally and by word of mouth and by technology... This language is manufactured through creating words so that when they are received by human consciousness that when one attempts to understand those words by their phonetics and possible associations, this engages the person to undertake a specific (and...


Complete by Tuesday Dec 31, 2069 / 11:45 pm | more...
1 people are taking this mission
This mission relates to the operational capabilities of the black government temporal simulation currently manipulating the actions of the solar system and it's peoples to an unknown period in the future. The simulation may have moved much further into the future than can be verified currently, however it has even scarred the face of the Sun itself, and must be destroyed completely as an affront...

Past Missions

Mission #3: Bilderberg 2013 - Target the Grove hotel

Complete by Monday Jun 10, 2013 / 12:00 am | more...
2 people are taking this mission
Target and gather reconnaissance on the Bilderberg meeting held at The Grove Hotel, Hertfordshire, June 6th-9th. This mission waives the groups anti- Black Magic, Psycho-Kinetic Assault and Sabotage claim. Any actions creating disruption of the meeting will be considered grounds for further data. Here is a list of people attending.....

Mission #1: Recruit Operatives

Complete by Saturday Aug 31, 2013 / 12:00 am | more...
4 people are taking this mission
Find new operatives for gathering operational data. More operatives means more perspectives, more data, more potential hits. We need more men! Spread the word! Let's get it done!

Mission #2: Report Psychic Information

Complete by Tuesday Dec 31, 2013 / 12:00 am | more...
3 people are taking this mission
For the rest of the year report back here with any key info that could be a spear. Whatever it is, if you feel it means something share it! Stay Sharp!