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Planet Infowars

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The main group for Planet Infowars:
Less whining, More Activism!

Use PlanetInfowars to go viral and share information by writing articles, creating images or posting video reports, (all of which may be featured on Meet and connect with like minded people around the world and in your town/city. Get active and raise awareness by starting groups, creating activist missions and promoting events.

HOW TO POST AN IMAGE in group streams: (Thank you @rexmundi412 for creating this)

Official YouTube channel:

HD youtube

Official facebo0k: (like it!)

Official Twitter:

Mission Details

complete your 'Base, Location, About Me & Interests' sections of your Profile!
Due Date: December 31, 2014 at 7:00 am

This will help everyone find people with similar interests and locations. When you have completed and saved your sections you will be able to.. FOR EXAMPLE.. click on a band name or city you've entered on your profile. PlanetInfowars will then show you anyone who also entered that band or city..etc.

This will prove to be a useful tool for meeting like minded people in your area and worldwide.

Just go to 'my account' - 'profile' - 'edit' and complete each section.
The 'base' section should be complete, but you will find the 'Location' ' About Me' & 'Interests' links above your profile name box.

myaccount, profile, edit.. Base Location About Me Interests Map »
Created by lou! on May 9, 2012 at 8:28 pm. Last modified by lou! on June 19, 2014 at 6:40 pm.

Members taking the mission:

Whovian is 100% complete.
Updated. Fun :)

Angela is 0% complete.

trevathecleva is 50% complete.
Knowing is half the battle.

Jeremiah is 100% complete.

Rev is 80% complete.
I recommend anyone giving a location---give on you would like to go and visit at.

christy is 0% complete.

Lighthawk is 90% complete.

Chris is 0% complete.
each time verizon updates my phone, the update takes away features so they think I'll trade my flip phone for a smart phone. I cant find anything right now

Aizen is 0% complete.

is 100% complete.

Kate is 100% complete.

Kelly is 0% complete.

Harley is 0% complete.
I think you should incorperate a photos page wher members can upload photos viewable by other members within the users privacy controls. Make it happen.

OtisBogPeople is 0% complete.
I'm pretty well logged in now hope they don't share info with third party lol

Fay is 0% complete.
yes, my profile information is as complete as I feel comfortable

Jedi Sensei is 100% complete.
Look into Airsoft/Milsim, everyone. Police, military, FBI and SWAT teams use this as training.

Anna is 0% complete.

Bob is 0% complete.

Kevin is 100% complete.

Sergeant Tbag is 100% complete.

fear061 is 100% complete.
Its so easy yall, just apply yourselves

Rose is 0% complete.

Wolf Heart. is 100% complete.
Checking back into it now !

Paladin is 0% complete.

is 100% complete.
I am finished and ready to kick some dragons.

Jose is 0% complete.
I'm a Vietnam era Vet. I took an oath to defend my country from threats both foreign and domestic and I will honor that oath to my dying breath! So help me God! Amen

gwiz is 0% complete.

ellie305 is 0% complete.

Kim is 100% complete.
Just finished!

is 100% complete.

is 100% complete.
Here's where they're at.

Anonymous Jedi is 0% complete.
?????WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, once again you make it to hard to interact with you site???? its not hard to do this right, sack your web design team and start again, its to long winded to make me bother with it.....

Christina is 0% complete.

Ali (Scotland) is 100% complete.
The time to hide in the shadows is past. The time to embrace the light and be fearless in the fight for right has come.

Darrell is 0% complete.

jessie is 100% complete.

NewWorldOrphan is 100% complete.

Claire is 100% complete.

is 100% complete.

Advance Freedom is 100% complete.
Dona and Done! Good to know we can all accomplish something... lol. just kidding. I bet once we are off of beta this will be hopping with missions complete!

brendan is 100% complete.

gabrieldragonroy is 100% complete.
i did this the day i ceate my profile

Greorith is 100% complete.

XMS1776 is 90% complete.

NotA is 0% complete.

is 100% complete.
Done. Check the profile. Vae Victis!

Michael is 100% complete.

Michael is 0% complete.

Jeff is 0% complete.
I want to do whatever it takes to put our Constitution back in place and in order to do that we have to throw out the Banking Control this country is in.

1pissedvet is 0% complete.
I stand for truth in news. The constitution and freedom mean a lot to me. I am a cold war era vet. I took an oath to protect the constitution from enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. I took that oath VERY SERIOUSLY! Help spread the truth and stand together. We can beat these traitors.

Devon is 0% complete.

is 0% complete.

robert is 100% complete.

my23rdwish is 90% complete.

Azul is 100% complete.

Sandra is 100% complete.

Michelle is 50% complete.

Paul is 0% complete.

tasnyder83 is 75% complete.

Noah F is 100% complete.

Patrick OConnell is 100% complete.
Completed: BTW, if you want to write a blurb for my forthcoming book, America in Decline & The Rise of The New World Order, please email me at: and I can send along a pdf copy of the manuscript. To be published as en eBook later in 2012. Thank you! God Bless America Patrick in Albuquerque

Laurie is 0% complete.
no one but Paul, live in Houston Texas, God I hope Texas dosen`t let me down by voting for mittens. this far from revolution, love my family and poker, hate politics but I have come to realize that those we elect are the worst employees money can buy so we not only have to elect them we also have to do their jobs for them. will proudly stand with you on the front lines of the coming revolution,

Joyce is 100% complete.
Done it the first time I signed up. :)

Therapeuticmessenger is 0% complete.
Doin it.

FreeMind is 100% complete.

Reactive is 0% complete.

is 0% complete.

N is 100% complete.

sunshine is 100% complete.

Bryan is 98% complete.
Done except my profile picture. I don't have any recent pictures, unfortunately.

is 100% complete.
done, but quickly, there's important work to do!

is 100% complete.
Got it done! Fixing up my profile is almost the first thing I ever do when joining ANYthing.

Andrew is 70% complete.

DocB is 100% complete.
Deeds instead of words.

Minnie is 100% complete.

Jason is 100% complete.
got it done

Andrew Morgan is 100% complete.
On it like white on rice :)

Darkendness is 100% complete.

Jessica is 0% complete.

Danny is 0% complete.

Theresa is 0% complete.

Peter is 0% complete.

Sheep is 100% complete.

michelle is 0% complete.

Chad is 100% complete.

is 100% complete.
Rock on!

Tabre is 100% complete.
Mission accomplished.

Janedoe is 0% complete.

WizarDave is 0% complete.
I don't see Location, About Me & Interests

lou! is 99% complete.
im done..

Dee is 100% complete.
I've already completed this in total...

infowarriorkansas is 100% complete.

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