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Phalanx of Freedom

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Armed uprising against tyranny, focusing on free speech and free assembly for all. Full ranking system like a conventional army available for efficient civil war. Groups of any size (64 Armies) can strategically unite, but also small groups. Every independent so-called ‘fist,’ (a group of any size up to Army) has its own democratically appointed council, appointing top commanders. Units are not to engage until at Brigade strength. More detail: Prefer members to be 25 year or older, thanks. Assess risk of joining, thx. CIVIL WAR IS THE *LAST* RESORT, ty.

Mission Details

Prevent tyranny in all nations.
Due Date: January 1, 2017 at 7:00 am

Attempt to teach nations this system, in combination with the possibility of a voter-group/council type Government (which is a more effective way to prevent tyranny then even well done armed combat), so that we may prevent a catastrophic war/wipeout of mankind. With this system taught and understood, perhaps those people have more of a chance to defend themselves effectively. Thus this mission is a spreading of ideas mission. Don't underestimate the power of that, as it has the potential to direct the force of the people and thus it's more powerful then a few ppl training to form a liberation army.

Earth, especially the military most powerful nations, such as the USA and Europe (Germany, Russia). Map »
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