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Operation wake up our Nation

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Whether your in America, Europe , Australia, etc, for all the different wonderful cultures we know the one thing we ALL have in common. Please join our group and help wake up our Nation, whether your input be from just an idea to share with the group, waking up a friend or relative or asking your friends to join. If we only wake up one person its a victory and a step in the right direction.

Mission Details

Due Date: August 26, 2012 at 12:00 am

Alex is under attack. Help him keep his channel by writing you tube professing your contempt.

Special thanks to Aztec Dreamer

Dear You tube Administrators,

I am writing to protest the grossly negligent error of striking Alex Jones Channel and removing his films off youtube due to "copy write infringement" over doubts of him owning his own voice. He is an American Hero and Patriot and loved by millions and owns all the rights to his own voice. Please remove his strikes now, restore his channel and stop removing his films and videos.


(your name)

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Created by on August 15, 2012 at 8:15 pm. Last modified by on August 15, 2012 at 11:37 pm.

Members taking the mission:

Celeste is 0% complete.
May I humbly suggest that you insert: For the Record and then the great protest letter. If one does not put For the Record oftentimes the message ends up in the circular file (trash can). I have seen some incredible things happen when For the Record is used. From the trenches, Celeste

Kelly is 100% complete.

Platypus Sting is 100% complete.
I'm beside you

Celina is 100% complete.

is 100% complete.
Alex... I will sign and send what-ever it is you want me to sign and send.

chris is 0% complete.

FoodHero Tim is 100% complete.
REBEL!Only YouTube relevant information. STOP watching stupid crap on YouTube that is for strict entertainment. Don't eat their sleeping pill!!

Mark is 0% complete.

Kevin is 100% complete.

Shane is 0% complete.

FreeMind is 100% complete.

Ben is 100% complete.

nwobuster is 0% complete.

Leon is 100% complete.
Together we can make a difference. We're with you Alex.

ifree is 100% complete.
I added-- This strike amounts to a fraudulent and criminal libelous act which should be properly remedied in a court of law.

is 100% complete.
Thanks for this

Aztec Dreamer is 100% complete.
This is it people - every one on Planet Infowars get on this - wow awesome. It only came to me because sometimes I feel so useless listening to Alex and can't contribute - but now we can - let's kick some ass people - Alex and the Infowar needs us. And oh my god - looking down and see that other people have done this as well - I feel well humbled - keep this up chaps - keep this up.

is 100% complete.
Done, sent it in. Thanks for writing it, appreciate your work. =) I'll try to do my part in helping Alex in whatever way I can.

Eugene is 100% complete.

Cynthia is 100% complete.
Really good feeling being able to complete such important tasks...and you make it so easy. Thanks're a true Info Warrior!

Mary W. is 100% complete.
Just sent the note. Thanks for doing this. Mary

wokenup is 100% complete.
done good call thanks for the link, info and letter to send. I appreciate your efforts in putting this out.

Richard is 100% complete.

is 100% complete.
FOR ALEX!! Great job guys! We have such awesome and involved people in this group. ^-^

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