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Spin-off of INFOWARS but with MUSIC!!

Music for the Movement, Protest Songs, Revolution Rock, Conscious Rap, Political HipHop and Spoken Word… We let the MUSIC do the Talking!


Event Details

Infowars Music Fest 2013
June 1, 2013 at 12:00 pm
Total Attendees Limit: 1000 People (19 people signed up already.)

Goal: To organize a music festival of un-signed musical acts in the Infowar Spectrum ready for April, May or June 2013 in Austin or Kansas City, Dallas maybe or private property in Texas or Kansas..

We will need Location Manager, Promotional Director, Stage Crew, Sound System Manager, Lighting Director, Artist Director, Ticket Sales Manager, Security Team. We could make this the concert of the century.

I cant do this alone. ALL net profit made will be split 50/50 between managers of event and artists.

All bands will receive the same pay if we can make a profit that could be as little $50 or as much as $2000 depending on success of the event.

To be considered you must join group and post link or video.

Texas or Kansas (TBA)
Created by KLC on July 17, 2012 at 10:24 pm. Last modified by KLC on July 17, 2012 at 10:28 pm.

Members attended:

Imagi-Nation with 0 guests. we can't be there in person but please feel free to play our music between the bands.....

Michelle with 0 guests.
I am a Publicist and also have an artist that I would like to perform. Check out his song here If you wouldn't mind can you purchase & share my husbands new single for 99 cents? It is conscious TRUTH music! If you do you will get 100 twitter followers free as a token of our appreciation. It is called "Get The Word Out", tell your friends too if they want 100 free Twitter followers! For every

Scott with 1 guests.
Sounds like a blast! hope it's in Dallas.

david with 5 guests.
If Tribal Garage is playing the event there will be 5 - 4 in the band and 1 crew. Doesn't matter to us where it is held as it will be far for us to come from Edmonton wherever it is.Where do I post the video?

herbic07 with 1 guests.
I want to know more! I vote Dallas, but I'm biased because I live here!

Cindy with 0 guests.
I'll definitely come if it is close to Austin. And, if it is there, I know a lot of musicians here and sing in a gospel band. I would help organize, too. In fact, I have committed to having a Pow Wow in the Spring and music is definitely planned as a part of that meetup to barter, fellowship, eat and meet. There are some InfoWarriors from other states interested in coming to that already and

Cameron with 5 guests.
I am getting a rock/metal band going in Columbia, Missouri. Kansas City we would for sure play!!!! I've been praying for this for years. I have had many bands in past and the death of music shows our decline as society. I am so glad i finally started my membership today!

HenryHavoc with 7 guests.
I Want to Preform!! I'm a Information Emcee:) Check Out My Work :) -->

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