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Julie Bass Garden Spring 2013

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The Garden Spring 2013 movement has officially begun! We support efforts to plant non-GMO gardens and build a global natural seed bank, protecting the integrity of our food supply. We seek to empower people to grow natural food gardens. The motto of “each one, teach one” applies to growing food. Therefore, we believe that front yard gardens inspire others, and should be planted wherever possible and we also believe that all gardens provide a healthy alternative to processed foods in general.

This group was inspired by Julie’s official blog at:

Mission Details

Survey, Map & Plot Your "Garden Spring" 2013 Ground
Due Date: February 28, 2013 at 7:00 am

This mission is for members to submit a video here to our group showing a "plot diagram" of your planned "Garden Spring" victory garden layout and also some footage of the actual ground you will be using. Get creative and put some stakes in the frozen ground or a sign claiming your turf, perhaps use some string to define the perimiter and rows, maybe just walk it off in the snow and do a snow angel in the center! The idea here is that by the time we are comparing the reap of the harvests, the before and after compilation pictures and videos of "how to" (or perhaps how not to) will be both informative and historical to this movement.

Notes: 1. (1 minute videos or less please) 2. (must be uploaded to youtube) 3. (just copy the youtube video URL and paste it here to the group, embed codes are not necessary)

Everywhere and any where on earth!
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I'd like to participate but can't as I'm working far away from our garden plot. I supported Julie a while back concerning her garden...

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City Farmers Asemble!

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