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Julie Bass Garden Spring 2013

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The Garden Spring 2013 movement has officially begun! We support efforts to plant non-GMO gardens and build a global natural seed bank, protecting the integrity of our food supply. We seek to empower people to grow natural food gardens. The motto of “each one, teach one” applies to growing food. Therefore, we believe that front yard gardens inspire others, and should be planted wherever possible and we also believe that all gardens provide a healthy alternative to processed foods in general.

This group was inspired by Julie’s official blog at:

Mission Details

"Seeds to Plant" Commit to giving organic seeds for Christmas (or holidays) 2012
Due Date: December 31, 2012 at 11:45 pm

This mission is for all those who join this group and the "Garden Spring 2013" movement to commit to giving organic seeds to at least one person this Christmas (or holliday season) as a gift and to encourage that person to join the group and plant a "Julie Bass Garden Spring 2013" victory garden with those seeds, and, for those who give the gift of "seeds to plant" to complete this mission by making a short video of the seeds, how you wrap them and the reaction of the recepitients to post on youtube and here in the group forum.

Anywhere on the planet
Created by Dynamic Dave on November 28, 2012 at 8:26 pm. Last modified by Dynamic Dave on December 10, 2012 at 6:38 am.

Members taking the mission:

is 100% complete.

Jamie is 100% complete.

Susan is 100% complete.
I'm afraid I can't videotape, but I AM sending seeds from my garden in Christmas cards to friends--this is actually a tradition I have done for years!

julie is 50% complete.
i just bought my seeds from botanical interests and i know just who i am going to gift some to. i can't wait to share some and to plant some! thanks dave, for the inspiration!

is 0% complete.
I grew a garden in 2012. I collected the seeds. I will give some of the seeds for the holidays. Will try to get a vid of the process.

Dynamic Dave is 33% complete.
Can't wait to see future missions members create, garden layout diagrams, videos of first seedlings showing, kids cultivating & learning...

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