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All aspects of liberty and RESISTANCE to tyranny may be discussed in this group.
All members can create missions and events.

Mission Details

What are the top 5 subjects you feel people should be talking about?
Due Date: May 31, 2013 at 12:00 am

Post your 5 in the missions updates section..

Created by lou! on September 5, 2012 at 10:08 pm. Last modified by lou! on May 1, 2013 at 9:34 pm.

Members taking the mission:

JohnX is 100% complete.
1: Future role of government 2: Audit demand of Fort Knox (no gold, no American dollar) 3: Removal of the UN 4: The IRS and DOJ 5: Illegal immigration

Conspiracy329 is 100% complete.
Constitution. Monsanto. DHS/Fema. "Wars...Terror//Drugs". CHANGING OUR OUTCOME!

Landlocked is 0% complete.
1.Vaccinations 2.GMO/Monsanto 3.Chem Trails 4.Prosecution of "Top" gov officials 5. exportation of American jobs

Pete is 85% complete.
1. Patents on human genome. 2. Monsanto and other Biotech companies. 3. Impeachment of Barak Obama. 4. Abolish the IRS. 5. Drone usage on American Soil.

Bill is 0% complete.
1. Preserving the Constitution of the United States 2. States' Rights and limiting Federal Rule 3. Secure Boarders and reducing immigration (legal and illegal) 4. Reduction of the Welfare State 5. IRS/ Tax Reform

jdworldwide is 0% complete.
1.spirituality 2.police state 3.gmos 4.chemtrails 5.poisonous chemical in our water and food

Alisha Grace is 40% complete.
1.Where do we draw a line in the sand 2. 911 TRUTH 3. False flags 4. Nutritional Genocide/Agenda 21 5.Ensuring Internet freedom

nightfury is 100% complete.
1. Prosecution for banks that deal in fake currency and predatory loans 2. GUNS and the right to own them 3. The immediate withdrawal of The Patriot Act and The NDAA 4. Throwing the UN out of New York and the Country 5. The Expulsion of builderberg meetings from american soil.

Paladin is 100% complete.
1. The truth about 911.... 2. Who is responsible for 911.... 3. What shall we do to those responsible, both persons and nations..... 4. Who has knowingly lied about 911.... 5. List those responsible then hang them all and/or attack any foreign nation involved

Alma is 100% complete.
1. we need a third political party dedicated to truth. 2. income inequality. 3. UN Arms control treaty as pretext for UN Troops inside our borders to enforce it. 4. Locations where DHS is stockpiling ammo, arms, and APCs. 5. Oathkeepers.

Gordon is 0% complete.
geoscience geoscience geoscience geoscience inhabitable planets

Mark is 20% complete.
1. Talk more about the 2nd continental congress and the feasibility of it. 2. Do more to have O'bama impeached. 3. Stop Monsanto from poisioning the masses with GMO's. 4. How about a barter section on info wars ? 5. Form a million man march on Washington to demand NO amnesty for illegals. 6. Bombard Congress with letters,Phone calls & e-mails demanding exposure of Fast & Furious &

Karyn is 100% complete.
1. Chemicals in our food and water and how they correlate to disease. 2.GMOs 3. the growing police state and surveillance. 4. The pending economic collapse and the Mark of the Beast. 5. Brainwashing of the population. I talk about any of these to who ever will listen. The best way to do this is to have an arsenal of articles and facts to back up everything I say. Some people are aware of some

Keith is 100% complete.
We must be talking about solutions to our nation's problem. I can't be more serious about this!! We never discuss SOLUTIONS. Please read and publish my article on the RESISTANCE section, dated, March 13th, titled "AN OPEN LETTER TO FELLOW PATRIOTS." The strategy to defeat the NWO is in the article. We need to start a debate on this subject.

ellie305 is 0% complete.

Hermès is 100% complete.
1. Smart Meters! I don't want Big Brother (The Devil) in my HOME! 2. GMO Stop get poisoned 3. Don't get vaccinated, it's a scam! 4. Stop listen to Government'LIES and SCAMS! Disobey! 5. Listen to ALEX JONES! The truth is a DELIVERANCE! It is going to set you free!

is 100% complete.
1)The basics of actual world/American history. 2)Some basic understanding of human psychology. 3)A good knowledge of the roots and key founders of the world's top "secret societies", in particular Adam Weishaupt and the Illuminati. 4)A good knowledge of the core components of all the major conspiracies, both American and worldwide. 5)How to affect change.

Michael is 100% complete.
1. Eugenics plan for world. 2. Parallels to history of 15 plays in the eugenicist's play book. 3. Root of constitutional freedom in US. 4. Data data mining and algorithms used for prediction and policy steering in US. 5. Exposing the drugging of the US population.

Brent is 100% complete.
1 privatized prison system 2 overturning citizens united vs fec 3 current descent into police state 4 public education 5 health care and the pharmaceutical cartels

Celeste is 100% complete.
1. Spiritual 2. Constitution/Bill of Rights 3. Personal preparations including economy & food 4. Geo-Engineering/Agenda 21 5. Alternative medical options

Patrick is 100% complete.
1 911truth exposing war propoganda 2 gun rights 3 destruction of morality with music, tv etc 4 poison in food and water 5 ecotyranny

Quit Sleeping Radio is 100% complete.
1. Gun rights (cause this is our last line of defense), 2. Shrinking military to defense only (which would drastically help our debt problem), 3. Ending the Fed (would also free us from major debt - which is our major threat), 4.Fighting Agenda 21 type programs (again with the economy), 5. Weather Modification Programs / Aerosol Spraying / Geo engineering (cause it's drastically changing our

angrygopher is 100% complete.
1. Civil rights 2. Human right violations 3. police tactics and how to defend yourself (Know your rights) 4. things to help the cause 5. how to bring about change in their communities (local big Government impacts us the most)

jeff is 100% complete.
#1 is the truth about the medical industry and are government destroying are lives thru lies and greed -that never will cure one single thing , just treat u for ???.#2 guns - we must defend are selfs from all enemies(do not tread on me-anyone!!!)#3 government waist of our taxes & the blaitant corruption(screw all the parties)#4 the stealing of our money,investments & retirements & #5 is too stop

Jonny is 0% complete.
1)Police brutality is getting out of hand.2)Who is at the top of the NWO. It is good to have a clear target to picket and make life miserable for. 3) Corruption pointing out obvious bribery and insider trading exposing the double standards that keep said politicians out of jail. 4) what is the clear plan if all goes well and the corruption is exposed and the banksters are jailed what then?

Rev is 100% complete.
INFO 4 YOUR MIND— Did anyone go and read the last 45 days worth of files????? THIS has been my largest mission,1.WATCH 2.QUESTION 3.FIND 4. CONFRONT 5.EXPOSE.

biofuel1 is 0% complete.
1. we need a third political party dedicated to truth. 2. income inequality. 3. agenda 21 4. 9/11 was planned, carried out, and nobody's accountable. 5. Seize all bank assets and oil company assets, nationalize these and health care, too. This removes profit needs from the equation. Screw corporations.

Ashley is 0% complete.
1) Discover who you really are Soul not just a physical body 2) the left right paradigm in gov't is false and used to control us 3) Debt slavery via fiat money loans 4) Agenda 21 Endgame 5)Survival being prepared

adam is 5% complete.
1) Getting people to lose their political affiliations and realize that our so called elected officials are only there to enrich themselves 2) Wake people u to the FACT that they WILL be coming after the 2nd Amendment 3) Have an new, independent, unbiased and uncorrupted 911 & 7/7 investigation 4) Change the way we send lawmakers to DC by eliminating campaign contributions and eliminating

InLikeFlint is 100% complete.
1. The Elite's Population Reduction Plan as their Number 1 Goal. 2. Who are the Illuminati/Globalists, PTB, Hidden Hand Members and how we stop their Satanic Plans? 3. Free Energy and how it can help to defeat the Globalists. 4. Finding the Real Truth about our History - All of It. 5. Aliens, UFO's, Spirituality, God and Demons - Why those subjects are so Important.

frankfcolorado is 100% complete.
1. Muslim Brotherhood infiltration 2. Bilderberg Attendees and their positions 3. 2nd Amendment 4. FEMA Camps, Police State 5. Agenda 21

neil is 0% complete.
1-finding god. 2-symbolism and it's importance.. 3-true past history.. 4-building strength within ourselves and each other.. 5-join together and go out questioning the opposing evils publicly.... The destruction is to close now where we need to actively join in numbers showing that noting else matters because the distractions are exactly that, a

neil is 0% complete.
1-finding god. 2-symbolism and it's importance.. 3-true past history.. 4-building strength within ourselves and each other.. 5-join together and go out questioning the opposing evils publicly.... The destruction is to close now where we need to actively join in numbers showing that noting else matters because the distractions are exactly that, a

neil is 0% complete.
1-finding god. 2-symbolism and it's importance.. 3-true past history.. 4-building strength within ourselves and each other.. 5-join together and go out questioning the opposing evils publicly.... The destruction is to close now where we need to actively join in numbers showing that noting else matters because the distractions are exactly that, a

Hammel is 0% complete.
1. GMO/Monsanto 2. Agenda 21 3. Flouridating our water 4. Chemtrails 5.Tresonous government

John is 100% complete.
1)EatOrganic, supplement, health is everything 2)local politics involvement.3)Exercise body, mind,and rights,defend/enforce the constitution.4)Reconnect w/your belief system of religion or spirituality. 5) Turnoff TV,it's insidious frequency programming of your mind and stop buying from government street/retail drug store/fascist retail outlets. Stop the flow of dough used in our overthrow

iamnotanumber is 100% complete.
Stop talking, start acting. 1. Raising awareness, the top scum is still abusing children and f ing the rest. 2. Stop the government and top from abusing children. 3. Replacing tv stations by real news and topics, like iamnotanumber channels on powervideotube. 4. Put all scum who deserve it in their own fema camps. Free all imprisonned innocent. 5. all the rest.

Kay Karen is 99% complete.

Whiskey5 is 0% complete.
rshace nailed it....everything stems from 911. Didn't we all, on that day, say things will never be the same? Oh...and legalize marijuana and industrial hemp, keep it out of big corporation hands so middle America mom and pops can earn some extra income and keep the dollars in country versus going to drug lords for Pete's sake.

Tristan is 0% complete.
1) Form our own nation for all of the info warriors to inhabit by purchasing a private island. Or traveling to one.

rshace is 0% complete.
1) 911 must be uncovered as the fraud it is. 2) and all Tyrannical laws enacted do to it reversed 3) massive arrests and convictions of all who perpetrated it, sold it, concealed its fraud status 4) wage war on the leadership of countries who kept quiet and played along, 5) repent for the wars waged, innocents lost, from the false witness, take mankind back to that fork in the road

is 100% complete.
1.Waking We the People up! 2.Having human race reach stars 3.Impeaching Obama 4.Arresting every known criminal overlord. 5.Usury Free Community Currencies

is 100% complete.
1.Waking We the People up! 2.Having human race reach stars 3.Impeaching Obama 4.Arresting every known criminal overlord. 5.Usury Free Community Currencies

Scyndas is 100% complete.
1. Flouride in public water. 2. GMO's. 3. Federal Reserve. 4. Agenda 21/UN. 5. The Constitution.

is 100% complete.
1.Meat eating by humans is without doubt is the main cause of our suffering. 2.GMO,If you want to eat the wrong food (meat)God will give you the wrong food. 3.Illuminati and all other leaders that are not God Conscious.They are the secondary cause. 4.Any suffering inflicted on animals by humans returns to the humans in equal measures. 5.Chemtrails,because all the other poisons are

Prometheus Unchained is 100% complete.
1. The encroaching tyranny of the US government 2. The Loss of Free Speech 3. The coming economic collapse 4. Privacy in the 21st century 5. A return to a constitutional government

Noa is 0% complete.
1. NWO Agenda 2. Central Bankster Ponzi Scheme 3. Chemtrails 4. GMOs 5. Alternative currencies/barter/LETS... not necessarily in that order.

Cindy is 0% complete.
#1=Satanic Agenda, #2=Mind Control and Programming, #3=Food and Water Purity, #4=Survival/Communications after the Grid Goes Down or other cause for the total collapse of the world as we know it, and last, but not least #5=Right to Alternative Health

sofdmc is 100% complete.
1)GMO and its deadly effects on the world's genetic pool. 2)Decentralized communities with local currencies. 3)How the current hierarchical structure of human society is doomed to failure 4)The importance of not worrying of public opinion to minority viewpoints. 5)Locally elected leaders by those at the grassroots level and not by distant bureaucrats.

Chris is 100% complete.
1) Economics: World Bank,IMF, Fed, et cetera. 2) Citizen/Gov. communication. 3) Community outreach and collaboration 4) GMO's/Vaccines/Water borne chemicals/pollutants which are engineered to weaken and dismantle populations 5) Outreach/communication with local military and law enforcement while holding them to their oath which is to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Zvbs3r0C is 100% complete.
1. GMO 2. New Monetary System 3. Incarcerating the Corrupt 4. Nullification (successful methods of civil resistance including lawsuits, etc..) 5. Civics

is 0% complete.
1. FEMA Camps. AKA Re-education Camps 2. Agenda 21 3. News casts exposing bad government 4. Governments taking away peoples rights in the past and linking them to the present. Like gun control. 5. REVOLUTION! UPRISING! FIGHTING FOR OUR RIGHTS!

T is 0% complete.
1: Agenda 21 2:Take a closer look at the money (Our Tax Money) we are giving to other countries. 3:Banking / Federal Reserve Bailouts. Banks that received some of this money have net worth over a Trillion Dollars. 4:How to fix Congress. 5:Presidential Executive Orders Past and future how to we stop them?

German Dude is 0% complete.
I am German so: 1. Indoctrination 2.EU Bankster Takeover( the money system ) 3.Getting people out of Main Stream Media Hypnosis 4. Genetic Manipulation 5. Geoengineering

beijingyank is 0% complete.
1. Fukushima 2. 911 3. War Crimes 4. Criminal Government 5. 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition for Homeland Gestapo 3.

is 100% complete.
Nohting. What ought to be the only thing people discuss is seeing passed their differences and coming together. Fragmented, we will lose.

sovereignthink is 100% complete.
1. Principle; Life and Freedom vs Death and Force 2. Information; Truth and Honesty vs Lies and Decieption 3. Education; Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric 4. Government/Law; Small local democratic republic for justice vs Large foreign dictitorial order for control 5. Honest Exchange Base; Local Commodity reserve vs Global Fiat Debt reserve

Tory is 100% complete.
1. Economic Collapse 2. Medical eugenics and the adulteration of our food, water, and air 3. Our rights and how to stand up for them 4. Prepping 5. Outreach/Protest Ideas

Joshua is 0% complete.
1) Survival-ism 2)Economic Collapse 3) Police State 4) Military Tactics 5) Oranization

Dave is 100% complete.
1. Freedom of Speech & Assembly 2. Political reform 3. Economic freedom or real markets that aren't rigged 4. Safe water, food and air 5. Education for the People

Damien is 100% complete.
1. Morgellons and other bio engineered diseases 2. Chemtrails 3. GMO 4. Economic collapse 5. Count down to WW3

lou! is 0% complete.
1.? 2.? 3.? 4.? 5.?

XER0 is 100% complete.
#5 systemic collapse #4 localism vs. globalism #3 reducing our exposure and burden to bio-chemical and radiological warfare agents #2 undoing the damage caused by the counterculture revolution #1 Returning to the God of the Bible (collective repentance)

Keith is 0% complete.
Good call. The top five subjects should be: Health Preparation and self reliance the Law the Taxation system Personal Responsibility and all that entails

Anita is 100% complete.
1. Emergency Preparedness 2. Networking with friends, family and like-minded people. 3. Having active prayer groups 4. Our constitutional rights and how to enforce them. 5. Having multiple contingency plans for various scenarios. 4.

VICKYEHOUSTON is 0% complete.

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