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netflix vote up! : fall of the republic, obama deception, terrorstorm, endgame & police state 4
Due Date: February 28, 2013 at 7:00 am

Login to Netflix and vote up Alex's documentary's
links below will take you directly to the dvd's page on Netflix

Fall of the republic

Obama deception


Police state 4


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Created by lou! on June 19, 2012 at 8:09 pm. Last modified by lou! on February 1, 2013 at 8:47 pm.

Members taking the mission:

Mat is 100% complete.
all great movies, i hand them out, some people watch them, some dont, but if lazy people see them on netflix im sure they will!

Jonny is 0% complete.
Hey buddy I tried but I don't think they are on netflix in Canada yet the only Alex Jones movie I have is how weed won the west. I gave it 5 stars so I will check in a week if anymore pop up

Karyn is 0% complete.
I only have the Instant Play feature. DVD's are often damaged. Alex needs to allow his films to go to streaming. They are free to watch on YouTube, why not offer them on Netflix streaming....

Mendel7 is 100% complete.

whythetruth is 100% complete.
Easily completed mission we should all take the time to do

red wave is 0% complete.

Anonymous Jedi is 0% complete.
Its done...

Dark is 100% complete.
Using the system against itself. Piece of cake here.

Chris is 100% complete.
Too easy, yet every little action counts for something.

is 100% complete.
Done, now I need to tell people to go and watch them.

Anita is 100% complete.

sovereignthink is 0% complete.
on it

VICKYEHOUSTON is 100% complete.
posted it to my fb , to over 900 ppl.

Datdevildawg is 100% complete.

Ogre is 100% complete.
5 stars all the way

Blake is 100% complete.
I would, but they aren't on the Canadian Netflix playlist.

Joshua is 100% complete.

Bgarbled916 (CA) is 100% complete.
Done and I was sure to comment on every film as well, also with a 5 star rating, because I feel all Alex films are 10 stars.. no one else comes close to Alex's determination and organization, and he SHOVES so much info into each one of his films, I find myself watching them repeatedly and catching something new every time...

Zach is 100% complete.

Dan is 100% complete.

lou! is 100% complete.

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