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Hi I am the founder of this group my name is Shawn and I made this group so that the people in fl have a place to speak what’s on their mind this group will stand for truth for justice peace and protecting the consition I love this country with all my heart and soul I will not let anyone take what we as Americans have worked and died for for we the people still have the power we just forgot how to use it we will make the country great once more we will defend the weak and stop the tyranny of our government If you feel the same join and tell me what’s on your mind

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Due Date: November 10, 2012 at 7:00 am

I want to know everyone's thoughts on the election such as if u think it was rigged or if ur glad it happened the way it did and I also want to know what you predict what's will happen to our country and don't be shy say what u reall feel thanks for your time

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Corporations control both candidates and parties. Rigged is an understatement. America in my opinion will continue the slide into poverty, oppression and brutal force against it's own people. Martial law is coming fast. And the people are revolting. Land of the free and the brave no. Land of the fee and the slave.

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