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Dennis Hastert Underage Crimes

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This is to pressure Alex to get off his butt and have Sibel Edmonds on his show to talk about Dennis Hastert and his tendency to screw little boys.

Alex is too busy covering the evil immigrant’s blue balls to cover this so I thought I would start this group to pressure him to cover this whole Denny Hastert baby screwing scandal.

Sibel Edmonds is having a hard time getting this news out there. Getting this into the dinowhore media is not possible. They are too owned. Alex doesn’t seem to have interest in this scandal even though he should, and given that he should have interest I am putting up this thread to call him out on his lack of interest.

Sibel is covering the Denny scandal and even putting up the articles so that those who do not subscribe to her Boiling Frogs Post can read them and listen to her podcasts. They are listed under the Probable Cause section.

Perhaps Alex could get off his butt and have her on for an interview? One in which he doesn’t interupt her when she is talking? It would be great if he could because it might just force the dinowhore media to cover it honestly.

If you want to see how dishonestly it is being covered then take a look at Glenn Greenwald’s article on it over on The Intercept.

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