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NEW UPDATE SEPT 26, 2012-Please Read ! Help spread this around, We are in a fight and we were hit first on this one, Lets bring it back by completing this by the new deadline !!

Sorry for the delay, My account was hacked and my PC was destroyed. I also had my emails hacked, This is insane, Now i have 15 character passwords, I suggest everyone uses a random password and monitors their system for spyware, I know enough about PCs to know whoever did this was a pro, I now have a new system and regained access to my accounts ! I am goin to get on top of getting this done, I cant believe this happened, We must have struck a nerve with someone, I need more admins as well to help out, Thanks for all the input and data you guys sent in, Any emails will have to be resent to get our list going again. If someone can send me an email address i can use as a backup i will forward the list to you so i dont lose it again, Send it private or straight to my email, I don’t want my backup on public domain for security reasons ! Thanks a lot guys and gals, I appreciate all the support, As many of you know i was sick, Badly sick, No answer as to what or how or why !!

DATES CHANGED, MISSIONS UPDATED, PLEASE READ !!! I am working on the Completion of Phase 1 and it looks like we have a good amount of words being submitted, finished in Dictionary Format and i will post the list to Planet Infowars for all too view. Even if you think its not that important, Send it anyway, Also tell your friends and lets get more people involved in this movement, Thanks a lot to all you guys who contributed, Once its Officially Published the back of the book will have names or usernames or anonymous if you don’t want to be included, Please send whatever name you would like used and we will make sure that you are credited as an input into this Dictionary once its officially published, Some people will be credited with assisting and we will try to include everyone properly and remember, YOU are the EDITOR/PROOFREADER as well, Point out anything you would like. Have a nice week and Thanks again. (Short Link to The UN-DICTIONARY ARTICLE) Check it out, Pass it on to friends.

We need more words, Watch Alex Jones Show for ideas and please send them to the email address listed below, Use the format to help me out with organizing, Thanks so much for all the support and help. This weekend will be a blowout, I am organizing online events to help promote the UN-Dictionary. Make sure you send invites to everyone on your friends lists, We need some more support and we can do this !

This group will be dedicated only to the words and terms coined by Alex Jones and any other Patriots. We will focus only on compiling a list of words that will be turned into the….


If you would like to help and be an Admin of this page, Please email me, Our Team will be established soon and only 6 spots will be available ! Admin roles available on all pages.

Official Words must be sent to me at

Please Contribute, Like, Add, Friend, Spread and Invite everyone. and join at links below !! (Official Infowarseast page) (my personal page) (Official Infowarseast Group) (Official Infowarseast YouTube ) (Official Infowarseast Twitter)

Mission Details

Due Date: August 23, 2012 at 7:00 am

Send all of your friends an invite to join this group, We need to spread it out to the entire community and get everyone involved, I know with the help of the PLANETINFOWARS Members we can make History. Lets be the first online community to PUBLISH A BOOK AS A WHOLE COMMUNITY, NO OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA SITE CAN DO THIS LIKE WE CAN !

Created by Nicholas on July 28, 2012 at 12:41 am. Last modified by Nicholas on August 22, 2012 at 5:46 am.

Members taking the mission:

Nicholas is 30% complete.
We need more members, Many people have contributed but did not join, Please join and send it to friends so we can grow, This will be an ongoing movement with the help, I would like to see an entire Encyclopedia, and so on, One day we will be mainstream, We must ready ourselves now !

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