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Dating Freedom Lovers

Public Group active 1 week, 4 days ago

Find and meet people that share a passion for liberty and freedom and are ready to start a relationship.

Get the conversation going by ‘mentioning’ them! (Just type in your status bar @TheirUserName and it will notify them of your message)

Mission Details

Complete your 'Base, Location, About Me & Interests' sections of your Profile!
Due Date: December 31, 2015 at 7:00 am

This will help everyone find people with similar interests and locations. When you have completed and saved your sections you will be able to.. FOR EXAMPLE.. click on a band name or city you've entered on your profile. PlanetInfowars will then show you anyone who also entered that band or city..etc.

This will prove to be a useful tool for meeting like minded people in your area and worldwide.

Just go to 'my account' - 'profile' - 'edit' and complete each section.
The 'base' section should be complete, but you will find the 'Location' ' About Me' & 'Interests' links above your profile name box.

Created by lou! on July 2, 2012 at 10:17 pm. Last modified by lou! on May 29, 2014 at 8:20 pm.

Members taking the mission:

Nancy Ruth is 0% complete.

jayinthehills is 0% complete.
Non-religious, anti-state, NW Arkansas boy.

Jeannie is 0% complete.
I am an awakened woman living in the desert area of LA County, (Lancaster). Im looking to connect with like minded people.

Josh is 95% complete.

Howard is 100% complete.
just looking to share views and thoughts of our times and times to come

Sam is 100% complete.
I am an awake individual currently residing in LA(Los Angeles). I'm looking to meet like minded people, male or female, in order to build up a network of trusted people that can help each other and share information during these difficult times.

michel is 0% complete.
I am just a citizen of this world, thinking for myself, believing as I wish, ..... looking for people to share my thoughts with. I would love to share my thoughts during a nice walk along the beach, or whatever, LOL.... Greetings from Holland Rotterdam

christopher is 100% complete.
im a christian gold coast australia man 26 years old male personal trainer awake single looking for a relationship that leads to marriage would preffer a australian girl but thats upto to God really who i meet i mean

Eddie is 100% complete.
I'm a libertarian. Not much to know about me other than I don't want the new world order to happen.

Mohamed is 100% complete.
A lil bit about me hmm. Live in Australia,Melbourne and I would call myself a libertarian. I am concerned with the state of affairs around the globe today and would like to meet more like minded individuals. I am 27 years old professional who is into sports and enjoy stimulation conversations without the haze of perceptions. So in a nutshell am hoping to make lifelong friends and join the

Austin is 100% complete.

Ron is 100% complete.
We are assuredly heading into difficult times. Having a life partner at our side will increase our chances of survival. At least as important is the fact that survival will be a hollow victory in the absence of a special loved one to share it with. Even if the difficult times are averted, I would not want to go throughout the rest of my life without a wife to share the journey with me.

Capn is 100% complete.
I live in Snohomish Washington and would be happy to teach anyone how to shoot.

Zach is 0% complete.

Josh is 0% complete.
I'm Josh. I live in Dickinson North Dakota. I'm tired of being the only one that sees the world as it is. I'm a gamer nerd so it seems like all my friends are very liberal. At the very least we all accept each other's difference in opinion.

sabrina is 0% complete.
I am in Coldwater Mi/ I am in my late 50's and live alone. I believe we are running out of time. I have an interest in living an independent life. I have a small amount of land and I want to raise chickens and roosters and get my own well. I would also like to learn how to shoot a gun. I am trying to get healthy and i better shape. Hard times are coming.

Brandon is 0% complete.

Terri is 100% complete.

brainstem is 24% complete.

jeff is 80% complete.
hey any single women in the kansas city area im looking for a like minded old fashioned girl

Kevin is 0% complete.
Looking for like minded individuals. My g/f and I don’t have children would like to meet a single lady preferably with children to help and enjoy the privilege of raising children. We aren’t Mormons but agree on the idea of having a ‘sister-wife’ type relationship, or just platonic. Would like to pool our resources and have a bigger family dynamic. Would love to get out of Ohio and move

is 80% complete.
hello folks, looking for someone who loves the lord, enjoys going to the shooting range, and has a good heart. Since I'm in my mid 20s, I would prefer someone in my age who lives in or near north Mississippi. :)

Biff is 100% complete.

Eric is 100% complete.

Charlie is 0% complete.

Aaron (Dallas, TX) is 100% complete.
Uhm... yeah

Tom is 100% complete.
Any ladies in the UK?

Boris is 100% complete.
Hey there im from Okanagan Canada , I would like to meet like minded people who actually know whats going on in this world , im sick and tired of stooping down to sheep level just to fit in , id like to meet someone that i can be myself with and not hide all my knowledge from them. Someone that i can make a difference with Im a fire fighter as a career Health conscious,spiritual, energy

russme is 59% complete.

ProPatriot is 50% complete.
It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. (Galatians 5:1, NIV)

LibertyLiberty is 0% complete.
New to this... New to dating sites too. How is this working for everybody???

Psy is 100% complete.
Dun Dun Dun..

Holly Morgan is 0% complete.

chad is 0% complete.
looking for pepole in the chicagoland area that wanna help on my youtube channel called breaking the pyramid one brick at a time also have a face book page by the same name writers or pepole to upload vids do skits and men /women on the streets if intrested reply

Joseph is 0% complete.
We can't stop here!!! This is bat country!!! With that being said, I'm in the Mountains of New Mexico. And I have no idea what to type in this area.

Mike is 0% complete.

Bryan is 0% complete.

Marlene is 0% complete.
I am a 50 something lady from the midlands of SC. Looking for a like minded Christian fellow to face the coming days together.

is 100% complete.

Jon is 100% complete.

WatchingandWaiting is 100% complete.
i own my own hill in Cincinnati Ohio i am 37 and have one 15 year old son i am looking for a long term relationship with a man that has old fashion christian values and morals and has there eyes wide open to what is going on in the world

is 0% complete.
New to this site as of 11-3-13 I live in Ky. Interested in finding a sensitive intelligent and aware new mate to finish this walk on earths path. Heartaches and illness have been there and back. Have read for years so I am fairly up to speed. I'm more spiritual than militant though, a those in non-physical realms have much more input in helping solve the problems than we could ever know. We

Lauryn is 100% complete.

Darline is 0% complete.
I am glad the sheeple are waking up but I can't find anyone to prep with as a widow.I like a lot of things but having enough food is very important.

patriotbill is 0% complete.
Hello fellow patriots! In general the sheeple are waking up but unfortunately in my area, finding someone who is awake and active as I am is quite a challenge

bobbysargent is 0% complete.
Hey Everybody! Im new here, my name is Bobby. I live in Ga and am looking for someone with like interest who doesn't want to face the future alone. I look forward to chatting with you guys!

angrytiger is 0% complete.
Hello I am a small business owner I work at home out in the country I have a small body shop in my barn and I own a retail fireworks company I am not rich but independent I don't like depending on a job I depend on myself I like the out doors old westerns old tv shows old movies I am pretty active in great shape I like my liberty I am not looking for anything but the truth and true people and

John is 100% complete.
And the radical he rants in rage, Singing "someone's got to turn the page." I am a 44 year old computer technician and freelance writer. I am looking for the love of my life. I want to find a lady who is awake to the reality of the world we live in. An intelligent and beautiful woman who I can call my true best friend and lover.

SunSong is 0% complete.
I am an artist working full time retail in the art field. Have a fixer-upper house in a quaint small town in southernmost area of Michigan. I love the outdoors including gardening, camping, fishing. Currently installing solar panels and learning my crossbow. Health conscious, drug-free, spiritual, energy worker and infowar listener.

Joel is 100% complete.

trueblueinfowarrior is 50% complete.
Truth be told, but never sold.

Robert is 1% complete.
OK, I'm new to all this stuff and somewhat behind the times, I work too much. I play guitars and have equipment and use to play all over the states. I have some college jazz classes and years of playing. I main am a Blues, Southern, Twang ,Country Texas Grunge Rocker. Does that make sense? I play rhythm very good and can cover the Bass, having the top noch equipment I own in a pinch or a good

Christopher is 100% complete.
Back, updated, and on the hunt for lady liberty.

is 0% complete.

is 100% complete.

is 0% complete.
Hi, I completed most of the aforementioned but it still says I have this as a mission.

Melissa is 100% complete.
Hello. My name is Melissa. I am Christian lady and want a Christian husband. My "Truther" journey started when I found out about the truth of 9/11. I don't believe in every conspiracy theory, but I think there is truth in many of them and even the false ones, there are still something to them. I know that Jesus Christ is the only one who can stop the NWO, because the Bible never mentions mere

FREEDOM_FIGHTER is 70% complete.
Hope I meet Ms. Liberty here ;-)

bob is 25% complete.
hello, i am here looking for friendship that could turn to a long term relationship! i live in palmdale california and would love it if you were either here in palmdale or close by. i am a true freedom fighter nd freedom lover. i am a medical marijuana advocate and activist! i am politicaly aware and enjoy discussing all topics. i am new to this site but soo far i love it. write me lets talk!

TONY is 0% complete.
hello my name is tony i feel like i em the only awake one around i em on here to chat wit people who are up:)i em a male from southern cali.

Amy is 100% complete.

Tony is 0% complete.

brightknight is 0% complete.

junglerunner is 99% complete.
It's still cold in Colorado.

Jonathan is 0% complete.

Aaron is 99% complete.
Just need to add a avatar. What do you think, my photo, my gun, my bike?

miss is 0% complete.

Jacob is 100% complete.
Here to meet and connect with like minded people . I am an emt out of the bronx new york area. I am strong in what I believe in and will stand by and fight for what I love no matter what I want to do what I can today and every day to help wake people up open peoples eyes while at the same time learning everyday about my self and where I stand in this world its simple if you wanna be part of this

Truth Conquers All is 0% complete.

Rev.Robert is 0% complete.

Scarlett is 99% complete.
As another member stated, I'm always striving to improve, hence the 99%. :) I'm in Colorado and would love to meet someone who understands being a true Patriot without being so radical you can't relate to people normally. Someone who enjoy life, cares about people, has a great sense of humor, is into health and taking care of himself, and likes to have fun. Someone who doesn't sweat the

John is 0% complete.

mikel is 100% complete.
Hello looking for Miss right, if you like to hunt, fish,camping, and shooting you are my kind of woman hmu

Dave is 100% complete.
I'm east of Tulsa past city limits, I'm a Christian and it's also good to know the truth about the gospel and not just go along with what man made religion says, I'm also not in a hurry to get married to a stranger, to many people I know have bad marriages or have gotten divorced lately. this old saying it's called getting the cart before the horse! anybody remember that one?

is 100% complete.
Alright, I filled out all that jargon, now what? Where's the mail-order bride?

is 99% complete.
Always improving hence the 99%.

Erick is 100% complete.

Theresa is 0% complete.

TXBaby is 0% complete.
I am in Northeast Texas, now. I just moved after living in Houston for a long time. I love Houston actually and will be returning once a month. But, the country here is beautiful! Anyone located in the NE Texas area? I'd love to meet someone to hang out with, don't know anyone here.

Donna is 0% complete.

Moth6 is 100% complete.

Kryzia is 0% complete.
Diving in directly!!!

praetorian63 is 100% complete.
Forgot to fill out location section. All filled out now. Maybe some attention now. : ) Wichita KS by the way.

Rachael is 4% complete.

Jiri is 100% complete.
...let the convergence of minds begin...

is 0% complete.

Russ The Infidel is 50% complete.
Big hands and typing on a Android phone seem to mix like booze and automobiles,just not something to do.many mid sentence tapping of the update tab.

Howbazary is 0% complete.
31 yrs old male from fema region 7, or as I still call it Iowa! Looking for an open mind that hasn't forgotten how to laugh! Chivarly is alive and this knight is searching for his princess. God, America, Freedom, and Love, thats what I'm all about!

Howbazary is 0% complete.

Larry is 0% complete.

J.P. is 100% complete.

freak4cycles is 0% complete.

JEFFBAYLUN is 100% complete.

outdoorguy79 is 100% complete.
I did it!!!!! yyeaaaahhhhhhh

GERGX is 100% complete.

cindy is 0% complete.
I'm 49 recently divorced. I'm in P'ville TX. I'm really sick about the total loss of our freedoms. I could see it since 911 when others were kissing Bush's butt and anyone who spoke up would be treated like you had a very contagious disease. It happened to me once or twice just for speaking up for freedom's sake not "security". It amazes me how stupid people have been and still remain.

cindy is 0% complete.
I'm 49 recently divorced. I'm in P'ville TX. I'm really sick about the total loss of our freedoms. I could see it since 911 when others were kissing Bush's butt and anyone who spoke up would be treated like you had a very contagious disease. It happened to me once or twice just for speaking up for freedom's sake not "security". It amazes me how stupid people have been and still remain.

Joe is 0% complete.

is 0% complete.

DANIEL BARBOUR is 0% complete.
I am in Columbus Ohio. I am 54 years old, white male, and a very conservative Christian. My wife died in 2002 and I would love to get married again.

is 0% complete.
Im in NC and would love to be able to meet with wide awake individuals. Have some face to face. I love the outdoors and biking, swimming, camping really anything outdoors. i love playing board games as well. i love Jesus and want to honor him first and would love to meet others that have similar interests.

Profiler is 100% complete.
I'm in Texas... the good old state that throws the Constitution out the window! Looking for female to get to know on a friends first basis. I'm an educated God fearing individual who is WIDE AWAKE as to whats happening here in this country. Would like to find the same! I enjoy a vast array of music ranging from country to hip hop. Love the outdoors (camping, fishing etc.)

paul is 0% complete.
If you're a freedom loving female within 1 hour of Austin or San Antonio hit me up

is 100% complete.
Looking for a friend for the end of the world, as it's set to end By October.

O is 50% complete.

Frankie is 0% complete.
good morrow I;m looking for a female patiort. some one who is ready 2 the call of any moment to head to a protest or jst go out for a midnight adventure. she needs to be willing to have fun in w/e mission we mayb on. finally I hope if she wont go on camera at least she will operate it

Danny is 0% complete.

dmitri is 100% complete.
thanks yall

Ron is 0% complete.
Awake 25 year old male, who seeking a women whos awake and not a sheep. Im very open minded and look at every angle before drawing a conclusion. Id like to meet someone who is open and love freedom and our rights. My intrests are, shooting,music,my rights,seeing new views,biking.

HunterM is 0% complete.
Awake 20 year old male from LA, looking for local activists to raise awareness in the community. If your a girl that's awesome, but this is about more then just dating.. If a date comes along with this then it would be great to meet someone with a similar perspective on the world. Peace and thanks for reading!

bobright is 0% complete.
Hey Girls, I'm single and looking for someone to do fun things with. I love experiencing nature and enjoying all of God's wonderful creations. I like to spend time in the garden, watching the plants grow day by day.

is 85% complete.

Matthew is 100% complete.
sexy switched on uk male

jackson is 0% complete.
On a mission for love ;) Ooooh, that's cheezy

is 100% complete.
I am looking for a woman that is AWAKE,a christian, and into self sufficiancy. Im a country boy born and raised in the alabama mountains. Just got out of the army a few months ago and ready to to apply my knowlege and skills but dont want to do it alone! =-)

is 0% complete.
I am looking for a man who has the same interests as I do. I like fishing, hunting, gardening, prepping. I try to stay healthy and am working on getting healthier. I am interested in friendship first and see what develops from there.

Greg is 100% complete.

lou! is 100% complete.
im in Austin.. find me! ;)

Washington Patriot is 100% complete.

Jenny is 100% complete.
I'd like to meet a man that will share same interests with me . I came to the States in 1990 and loved it but slowly I started to realize that things are changing in here . I am looking to find a friend at first and will see where our life journey will take us from there on . I've heard of all this camps but as a believer in God I just know He will protect us from getting there . I have my

mike is 100% complete.
i am looking to meet a woman to run to the mountains and live off the land so as to not be put in a re education camp help each other to stay alive im not ready to die yet got a lot of life left in me would like to share where we think a good spot to squat would be im in okc my name is michael send me a message lets talk thank you

john is 100% complete.
There should be a section, for example, "Singles in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area."

Cynthia is 100% complete.
Very good idea, because I filled whole thing out from the start, but get bummed when others are very incomplete; especially on dating sites. Good Job!!

Coop is 100% complete.
Ok guys im newly awake, all the info is up there would just love to meet new people and learn more

riley is 0% complete.
I have been awake to what was wrong from the time I was 17 an knew in my heart that my country was killing people who were only protecting there homeland just as I would do, an realized it was all about money! then it was 2002 before I was convinced 9/11 was an inside job. (that was hard to swallow) but thinking back at how many lives had been wasted for profit before I understood it was just a

Alaric is 0% complete.
Don't care what band or book is your favorite as long as you love and respect freedom! Treasure coast gals unite and info-date.

Nate is 0% complete.
I woke up to the disgusting, and vile NWO in 1998. I heard AJ on a Friday afternoon when he was driving from Kingsville to Austin in late winter 1998/1999 as he described what he saw and observed that become in his first Police State documentary. I now live in southern NM about 25-30 miles from the border and can honestly say this is the worst place I have lived. My family is asleep, but I

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