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These videos are what woke me up! Now we have all grown up and some of us had to go to public schools and get feed the Theory of evolution as fact and there is no other theory’s that can match it. They teach not to make illogical steps after looking at evidence. That is a good thing to teach but then they claim that creation is an illogical step but then refuse to say that macro evolution is a illogical step too. Logically speaking of there has to be a God otherwise nothing makes any sense. Anyways here is the creation Seminars.
Alex Jones Interview with Kent Hovind

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Seminars 2 – Garden of Eden -
Seminars 3 -Dinosaurs-
Seminars 4 -Lies in the Textbooks-
Seminars 5 -Dangers of Evolution-
Seminars 6 -Hovind Theory-
Seminars 7a -Q & A-
Seminars 7b -Q & A-
Seminars 7c -Q & A-
Seminars 7d -Q & A-
Seminars 7e -Q & A-
Kent Hovind in his seminars talks about the Pre-Tribulation rapture, the silly belief that Christians will be zapped up before the tribulation happens but after studying the bible a lot more Hovind is now convinced that the Rapture will happen after the tribulation not before…. This documentary explains Biblically why the rapture before the Tribulation is a fraud.
After the Tribulation: The Pre-Tribulation Rapture Fraud Exposed

Kent Hovind Debates!
NEW! Kent Hovind vs Lawrence Krauss
NEW! Kent Hovind vs Christopher Hitchens
NEW! Kent Hovind Vs. Sam Harris!
NEW! Kent Hovind Vs. Bill Maher!
NEW! Kent Hovind Vs. Richard Dawkins!
NEW! Kent Hovind Vs. Bill Nye!
Debate #1: Dr. Hovind at the University
Debate #2: Creation vs. Evolution
Debate #3: Genesis – History or Myth?
Debate #4: Should Evolution Be Taught in the Public Schools?
Debate #5: Does Geology Support Creation or Evolution?
Debate #6: Does Biology Support Creation or Evolution?
Debate #7: The Genesis Flood
Debate #8: Wayne State University – Detroit
Debate #9: Hovind vs. Bartelt
Debate #10: Is Evolution a Reasonable Scientific Theory?
Debate #11: Does Anthropology Suport Creation or Evolution?
Debate #12: Does Botany Support Creation or Evolution?
Debate #13: Rutgers University, Round 1
Debate #14: Is there evidence for evolution?
Debate #15: Three Views – Who’s Right?
Debate #16: Rutgers University, Round 2
Debate #17: The Great Compromise
Debate #18: Berkeley Finally Hears the Truth!
Debate #19: Three on One
Debate #20: How to Debate a Creationist?
Debate #21: Dr. Kent Hovind vs Dr. Hugh Ross: What is more biblical – Old Earth or Young Earth?

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Ken Ham vs Bill Nye Debate Pre-show
Ken Ham vs Bill Nye Post-debate Show
Check out the Great Debate!
Ken Ham vs Bill Nye

Updates on Kent Hovind
Nov 11, 2014 Phone Call with Kent Hovind
Nov 28, 2014 Phone Update with Kent Hovind
Jan 9, 2015 Phone Update with Kent Hovind

Find out more about Kent Hovind here: And
Sign the Petition: Full pardon for Kent Hovind and Paul Hansen And this Petition: FREE KENT HOVIND & PAUL HANSEN NOW!
Need $150,000 by May 18th: Legal Fund for KENT HOVIND & PAUL HANSEN Donate NOW!

Find Legal Updates and Kent Hovind answering Bible/Creation Questions From Prison here! LoneStar1776

The Alex Jones Show Interview with Dr. Kent Hovind

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Do you love god?
Due Date: March 31, 2013 at 7:00 am

I would like to ask, when people believe in the god of abraham, yahweh or some analogue of this mythology. Do you truly respect or love him or do you simply follow the religion because of the fear of hell? Post your reason for loving god or respecting god or if you justify your belief in god in anyother way please post and let me know. But don't you think it's silly to believe in something because of fear ? I do think it's silly.

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keithschom is 100% complete.
Creation justifies it. Jesus Christ is Lord. Perfect love drives out fear (1 John 4: 18). It is love in response to God who first loved us (Romans 8: 32) He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all. And John 3: 16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Mark is 20% complete.
If one simply looks around at nature and the beauty of it, the animals,the fauna and all the glorious things of this world,yes, God is real and I fear him and the destruction he will eventually bring upon the tyrants of this world.

Mendel7 is 100% complete.
Yes it is seemly to believe because of fear... but I fear because I know he is real and because of the cross the fear is relieved! Now that I recognize the weakness of me I now am free to worship him and love him and exalt him in his rightful place as God!

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