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Arizona Post Collapse Communers

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WHEN the economy collapses, many of us are ready to get out of town, but to be highly successful, it will be important to be apart of a like-minded group of people heading to the same place. This group is love based and Service-to-Other oriented. If you are a giver, you are welcome. Our goal is to have a great cross section of skilled people and have a common spot picked out in advance.

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Arizona Survivalist Expo Meeting, AZ Post Collapse Communers Meeting
October 6, 2012 at 10:00 am
Total Attendees Limit: 1000 People (4 people signed up already.)

Our Group is getting together in Mesa at the Arizona Survivalist Expo. ALL planet infowars members are invited to join us. We will get together at 10:00 AM. Some of our organizers will try to be there at 9:45 or so. We will meet outside the event (for any late comers) with our Planet Infowars signs for about 20 minutes (depending on the temperature). When we go in it will be as a group. We can discuss preparedness topics, learn from the vendors, and have group discussions. We can probably huddle into the presentation area and sit down there in between classes. IM me for a cell phone number if you need it. Here is the Expo's web page:

There is a long 2 day itinerary for the expo.... So:
We ENCOURAGE all other planet infowars groups to have similar meetings and activities. YOU are the resistance!

Commemerative Air Force Museum, 2017 North Greenfield Road, Mesa, AZ Map »
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Neema with 2 guests.
Hey there! We are going but both work on Saturday so we will be attending on Sunday.

Greg with 0 guests.
Will be there to discuss many topics and learn from the vendors selling products. It will be fun. We will hang outside for a while. Look for planet infowars on my pull cart. Try this link. (

NowSeekTruth with 0 guests.
Link to website is not working. It has a piece of html code in it. Have a great time at the expo! I went to one in the mid 90s in downtown phx. First time I was exposed to people like Jack McLamb, truth about Waco, Ruby Ridge/etc.

with 2 guests.

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