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American Transgressive Political Movement

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A Political Alliance of Transgression: (Liberty or Death! We Must Transgress!) We are dedicated to transgressing the limits of the current political status quo.

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Protest of Power Elite Puppet Government an Assasination of JFK
November 22, 2012 at 7:00 am
Total Attendees Limit: 1000 People

Alright fellow transgressives... we have the "I am a 'Terrorist'" event scheduled to protest the wide definition of said stigmatizing word and to take the power back from it by proudly proclaiming that if loving freedom/liberty makes us a terrorist... then we're proud to be terrorists and we will flood social media in a sort of "Terrorist" Pride day.... Now my question is.... that doesn't take a whole lot of coordination it is up to each individual, so keep it up people. But I am plotting a more coordinated event for 11/22/12... I am not sure, but it is obviously a reference to the day our last non-puppet President (JFK) was taken out by the power-elite right in front of our eyes. If anyone has any ideas... share them... I want to do something big that day.

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