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    The official Planet Infowars page for the BlogTalkRadio show ”Nature of Reality Radio” which airs every Wednesday from 6 to 8 PM eastern on blogtalkradio.com. The show covers conspiracies, ETs, astrology, […]

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  • Group logo of Earthquake Log
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    This group is for people that want basic information about earthquakes.
    I’ll try to list earthquakes 5.0 or larger using USGS.gov information, just the basic information, for the whole report please visit http://www.USGS.gov

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  • Group logo of Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction.
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    Bringing you the Story behind the Story, the News behind the News. Hoping to convince you that reality is usually scoffed at and illusion is usually king, but in the battle for the survival of Western civilization […]

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  • Group logo of Dating Freedom Lovers
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    Find and meet people that share a passion for liberty and freedom and are ready to start a relationship.

    Get the conversation going by ’mentioning’ them! (Just type in your status bar @TheirUserName and it […]

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  • Group logo of Strategic Relocations (land for sale)
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    A group dedicated to the posting of land that is considered strategically located and ideal for those seeking places to live outside the unstable environment of city life.

    Feel free to also post tips of […]

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    Welcome and after visiting this link, http://educate-yourself.org/dc/orgonegenindex.shtml#chembusters, come back and join us as we work our way out of darkness and into a new light. Once a ChemBuster has been […]

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    WARN – Waking America Radio Network covers a range of topics from: Health and wellness, clean foods and gardening, to financial management, local/organic currencies, survival & preparedness. We don’t just cover […]

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  • Group logo of memes
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    post your garbage here. if its dumb enough, it may get mentioned on the show :D .

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    In 2005 a concept to awaken others was generated. That concept came in the form of a musical message entitled A Day For Maturity. The end result was a song of which could be replicated. It has became clear that […]

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  • Group logo of Healing & Purification With MMS
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    Welcome and after visiting this link, http://jimhumble.org/, come back and join us as we boldly take you to a place of which very few have ever gone before, all as the result of lack of understanding, knowledge. […]

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    TSH&SR Concept Division is based upon Mr. Joel M. Skousen’s 3rd. Edition; ”The Secure Home,” & ”Strategic Relocation.’ From that point, we want to make it our DIVISION. The goal of TSH&SR CONCEPT DIVISION […]

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    With Outer Parameter, we position ourselves to act as a focus group. In doing so, your wise thoughts become reality. From there, we expand to become the conscience of what we stand for, as, ”We The People,” […]

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    It is here, in The Situation Room with the Final Warrior by your side, as to where action upon any and all matters may be taken. Looking for answers? With or without you, we have them. Prepare yourself to be […]

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    Welcome to Spirit Science, a conscious discussion about the nature of the universe.

    We live in exceptional times, the entire world is collapsing, mass amounts of individuals are collecting in masses all over […]

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    Members of http://patriotspot.wall.fm/
    An Alternative News Based Social Network

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    here you can discuss the show live as it is happening. Mon-Fri 11 to 2,
    Sunday 4 to 6 pm Central http://www.infowars.com/stream.pls
    Watch the show:

    from –infowars-com and […]

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    Tune in 7pmCT http://bit.ly/InfowarsTV

    Nightly News 8-21-13

    Jakari / LeeAnn interviews SSgt Joe Biggs – militarization of America

    Judge sentences Bradley Manning to 35 years […]

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    A group created to expose and discredit the SPLC, a pernicious Marxist/Communist organization which has an almost complete stranglehold on ”extremist” and ”hate group” information fed to the media and law […]

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