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X Virtua School – PC RPG Text Games

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January 11, 2018 in Entertainment


Whether your high school is fantastic or not, there is little more fun than emotionally embarrassing teens. I can not speak for you (I will definitely try), but the combination of hormones, buttons and so unjustly respect, the smaller is the funniest things ever teenagers. Guess there are RPG downloads for these kinds of things! Two hilarious friends named Dana Lodico and Josh Noe agree with me and have created a mouth-watering sip of gaming products called Virtua School. I do not like you when I say it’s one of my favorite PC RPG text games ever. http://www.apunkagamesz.com/


Virtua School brings you, yes you, into action. Remember these new games have the courage to be convincing if you can not even use your own name! While it is possible that all Virtua School events have arrived, it is likely that you had a little imagination to use, especially if you are a heterosexual woman. Your day starts in the morning (wake up as usual) and you have to make an important decision: take a shower or take the bus on time. The horror!

From there, you’ll see fun teens all day long, from your friend Bob to a homosexual named Leon. The goal of the game is to balance your numbers, your popularity and your wealth and to achieve honorable mentions. Aside from his humor, Virtua School beats any other PC RPG games I’ve ever played as the best replayable. Choosing different ways to track all these prizes will lead to serious gameplay. The seemingly insignificant decisions affect how the rest of the game is played, and generated content randomly keeps things cool, even if you play the same way. There will be no more RPG games in the area.


Look at all the beautiful colors!


The game is designed to run on a DOS platform, so DOSBox is a necessity. If you need help configuring, the DOSBox wiki has a specific page for you. I tell you that no PC RPG game is worth the job.

Download the game for free from the Virtua School website. Just load it into a folder that you remember, launch DOSBox, link the folder and enter Virtua! After playing it for a while, you can check the Virtua School website to see what successes you can achieve and maybe even discover.

In RPG downloads we are very successful in re-experiencing your high school years https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Education_in_the_United_States

Glen Garner is a fan of RPG downloads [http://rpgdownloads.org] who like games with a big script, interesting graphics, and unique gameplay. In a market full of baddies games shooting today, Glen focuses on marking games that are made clear with the idea and offer the intention of providing high quality entertainment.

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