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Wormaxio unblocked, cheats, mods, Tips and guides

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April 17, 2017 in Entertainment


Wormaxio Unblocked is one of the simplest-looking, yet most challenging browser-based games from the same makers as Agar.io and Diep.io. It is very similar to the popular snake mobile game but is a lot more fun, since it is a massively multiplayer online game. If you enjoy those types of games, then this one will surely get you hooked for its minimalism. All you need to do to be able to play is go to the website, enter a name, and then get ready to devour everything and be the biggest/longest in the field! Here are some of our useful Wormaxio hack and cheats to help you by!

Size does not matter!

Eat as many small dots as you can to grow bigger, but keep in mind that even small ones can beat really big snakes by simply making them bump on your side. When your snake bumps against others, you will explode into dots and your game will reset. You’ll then restart all over as a small snake, and then rinse and repeat. This is one of those games where size does not really matter and longer snakes are actually a lot slower than small ones. Agility and technique wins.

Avoid running parallel with bigger snakes!

Slithering side-by-side with an opponent is a recipe for disaster. The enemy snake can easily turn and move to your direction and catch your head on its sides—snake food! On the other hand, you can use this to pressure smaller snakes into bumping onto your body. Keep this in mind when other snakes get uncomfortably close than you feel like. Chances are that they’re planning to surprise you.

Wait until feeding frenzies subside!

When a big snake bursts, almost everyone will proceed to ground zero and feed. This is a dangerous situation for both small and big snakes alike. So we highly recommend staying on the sides and feeding on scrubby dots on the sides. You’ll get bigger in time. Besides, you don’t want to end up too big because it’ll be too hard to move about with lots of enemy snakes in the field. Keep your size as manageable as can be and you’ll be fine.

Enclose a smaller enemy!

Circle around a smaller enemy until they bump onto you. This is a great way to ensnare and devour an enemy without much trouble. If three days has gone by and the smaller snake is able to avoid you, slowly close in or just wait for a few more days. Of course, we’re kidding! It’ll probably end up as food within the day. Just make sure no bigger snake is around to circle around you, or else…, you get the picture.

Speed boost!

You can actually boost your speed or dash to trick enemy snakes to bump your sides. Doing the parallel slither, boost and suddenly turn to your enemy’s direction, so that it runs into you. This takes a lot of practice, but once you are able to master it, you will catch a lot of big snakes using this technique—and big snakes means more food for you to eat! On the other hand, if someone else is trying to slither on your side to surprise bump you, you can move away by speeding to the opposite direction.

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