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With The KKK As Your Friend, Who Needs Enemies?

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August 21, 2012 in Entertainment


The religious claim that (fill in the blank) will inherit the world is ZIONISM. The CLAIM is identical to the “Divine Right of Kings” which the Constitution of the USA OFFICIALLY REJECTS. The USA is OFFICIALLY NOT ZIONIST. In fact, the law of the USA is devoted to assuring that the POSTERITY OF THE USA will inherit the USA, and THAT POSTERITY shall be treated EQUAL UNDER LAW.

So ZIONISTS should know that they are ANTI-USA. Unfortunately, many USA citizens do not know this. Many more do not understand a thing about Zionism. Some even equate Zionism to Judaism, which is just about as ignorant as you can get.

The KKK is that ignorant.

To be as ignorant as you can get, requires irony. The irony of the KKK is that as “WHITE SUPREMACISTS” the KKK is BOTH Zionist and ANTI-USA, but most of them THINK they are patriotic. That little zinger, thinking they are patriotic, puts them in an UBER-IGNORANCE above and beyond. You cannot get that stupid without incredible determination.

Here on INFO-WARS, the reality that a Zionist Mafia controls the world is understood. Goldwater knew. JFK knew. Ron Paul & Dennis Kucinich know. But every time a person points out that obvious reality, a KKK wannabe will run up to them and hug them for ALL THE WRONG REASONS.

Please Mr; KKK fan: If you agree with anything I say, keep it to yourself. You are a traitor to the USA and I detest exactly what you adore. I would that you were raptured long ago to a world of your delusion and racist desire. You did not improve any bloodline any where you were spawned.

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  1. i am a mem of the lwkkkk and were about saving or race and here in ky we help out other races to we just belive we should not mix we need to stand together and we get that but we dont need to mix to work together it says in bible in many spots not to take foreion flesh and in gen 11-1-9 god says what good can come from use being together and working together and he split us up now im not saying we should fight with each other just not mix but we all need to stand up to the gov because gov is a prob for every1 black white mex jew it dont matter

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