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Why Is The Alternative Media Fighting Amongst Themselves?

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March 6, 2013 in Entertainment


As a radio broadcaster on Internet radio, I’ve dealt with meaningless radio wars from ignorant broadcasters saying I’m not going to get anywhere as a broadcaster. That was nearly three years ago. I’ve managed to garner great network affiliateships with several media companies, three of which are Genesis Communications Network (2010 – Present; temporarily suspended agreement), Danny Romero’s American Freedom Radio (2013 – Present) and Pete Santilli’s Guerilla Media Network (2013 – Present).

But this recent turn of events over the past month or so has really pissed me off as a broadcaster. The recent behavior of Alex Jones has given me the assumption that he’s going mainstream, with as many appearances he has made in the lamestream media over the past month or so. His attitude has come to the point that he literally doesn’t give a damn about what he’s doing anymore.

And then there’s the fallout over the past two weeks between AFR’s Vincent Eastwood and GMN’s Pete Santilli – two people who were supposed to run Guerilla Media Network together with Vinny running the Australian operations, while Pete controlled the operations in the Americas. Then all of a sudden, poof – those plans changed. Then Vinny, along with someone who used to be affiliated with Santilli’s show, Susanne Posel from Occupy Corporatism, just decides to bash Santilli and call him a fraud.

I try to stay out of broadcaster wars between radio hosts, but I have come to this conclusion: everyone involved is being beyond unprofessional. You’re acting like immature jackasses. I don’t give two flying fucks if you’re some big name broadcaster like Alex Jones or a smaller broadcaster like Alex Ansary, Pete Santilli or Vinny Eastwood, when you claim to be a part of the independent alternative media, act like it.

Acting unprofessional by attacking someone’s personality based by unproven bullshit makes you more of a hypocritical jackass who would be better retrofitted for the biased and utterly retarded mainstream media.

This is merely the opinion of a radio broadcaster and you’re more than welcome to rip my words to pieces, but nothing you can say can destroy or damage the integrity of my eight years as a radio broadcaster (and nearing my sixth year in Internet radio). Just the basic truth: if you want to be the alternative media, at least be professional in what you do. Do your research and refrain from broadcasting lies during your broadcasts. (They’ll even tell you that shit in broadcasting school.)

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10 responses to Why Is The Alternative Media Fighting Amongst Themselves?

  1. Well said Jake. This is not the time for school-yard egos. Here in UK our unions are merging to support various causes to great effect, and you guys need to pull together the same way. The world is about to blow, and people need to keep all lines of communication open right now. When the dust settles they can all get back to the “I wanna be number 1″ bullshit. GROW UP!

  2. One thing that I have noticed about those in the alternative media is that they often like to attack with innuendo, blanket statements, and ad hominem. This seems to be a common practice. A perfect example lies in your own article here such as;

    “The recent behavior of Alex Jones has given me the assumption that he’s going mainstream, with as many appearances he has made in the lamestream media over the past month or so. His attitude has come to the point that he literally doesn’t give a damn about what he’s doing anymore.”

    Why criticize in a general manner? Point to specific incidents and reasons or let it be. I am not making a criticism about your article, your point is well taken. Instead, I am trying to point out how common this is. People often make mistakes when trying to untangle the web we are in, that doesn’t make them frauds or traitors. General bashing leaves no room for logical defense and most often only leads to generalized retaliation.

    • The one that comes to mind is AJ’s constant appearances on CNN and CNN’s sister news network Headline News (HLN). I’ve counted 15-18 times over the past 45 days. Half of those were appearances on that scumsucker Piers Morgan’s show. The topic each time: gun control and the ever so boring argument.

      Apparently, the MSM doesn’t want to hear what Jones has to say, moreorless what anyone else in the alternative media has to say. The MSM has consistently gotten worse after they and Obama apparently plotted to assassinate Andrew Breitbart. (And yes – I believe his death was a government hit job.)

      I have never heard AJ bash anyone in the alternative media. It’s really the somewhat unknown radio hosts I am outraged at for their behavior. We’re supposed to be fighting against the MSM, not amongst each other is what I’m trying to state here.

      • I do believe there is some value in AJ going on mainstream shows. We can stand on corners handing out pamphlets all day and not even come close to reaching the size of audience he is able to by going on those shows. More than numbers though, AJ has a chance to reach an audience that would never have anything to do with listening to his show normally. AJ is certainly not perfect, but I don’t see the detriment in his appearing in the MSM when he gets the chance. Each person we wake up is another possible participant in helping to wake up even more.

        I couldn’t agree with you more that it makes no sense for radio hosts to character assassinate each other so often. Jealousy, and the belief that you are 100% right on issues leads people to do strange things. Disinformation is planted to do more than just lead people down the wrong trail, it is there to generate paranoia and separation among those seeking the truth. Its amazing how effective it can be when we choose to attack the messenger rather than the message. Thanks for the great article.

  3. just because you are part of the alternate media phenomenon does not mean that you will hold the same or even similar viewpoints as other people in the same medium, even if you are trying to push the same issues you are still going to have infighting and backbiting, unfortunately that is human nature for you

    • But when there are certain people who have a Rush Limbaugh-like attitude and attacks people without any validity to their statements, it makes that broadcaster look like a professional dumbass.

      No argument there on the fact that not everyone will hold the same views as others. It’s the backbiting and infighting that needs to be toned down quite considerably.

      Most of us hated the Bush administration because he’s just a retard who invaded Iraq because of a WMD hunch. Now we hate Obama because he’s killing innocent children with drones. We should be attacking them and the elitist pricks running our world instead of alternative media broadcasters and journalists.

  4. We need to be aware of controlled opposition. When I hear commentators in the media blame the Tea Party, That is when I know controlled opposition means overtly Criticizing the democrats liberal agenda and behind the Scenes, supporting it. Watch out!

    • The mainstream media has tried silencing us ever since the Internet came into existence. All the MSM does is blame the Tea Party and libertarians for America’s problems. It’s not just the liberals that are the problem. Add the Republicans who backpedal on their promises and the banksters who support both elitist parties.

      The only good politicians, liberal or conservative, are those who openly oppose Agenda 21, gun control and endangering our Constitutional freedoms.

      But the major point is, if we’re supposed to be the true alternative media, then why the hell are radio personalities in the alternative media attacking each other, the people who claim to be on the same side?

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