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Using Rambo to wake up your friends

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January 2, 2013 in Entertainment


I knew something was wrong in 2006. I wasn’t sure what it was, but something didn’t feel right. Like a splinter in my mind, to quote the Matrix. I left the United States and moved to South Korea where I have lived ever since, though am getting ready to leave. In my time here, I have met many interesting people from the whole thought spectrum, those who are awake, those who are close but still cling to some core false reality, trendies, lib-tards, and everyone in between.
I met some knew friends on New Years Eve through a good friend of mine. They are from France. As we were sitting around drinking, someone inevitably brought up the Sandy Hook incident and wanted to know my and my friend’s take on gun control. Being as we are both Americans and both of a conservative/libertarian leaning, we of course came out and said that people need to have more guns to prevent such things from happening. Our French friend conceded our points we made but refused to take a stand one way or the other on the issue. His French friends made many points which I found to be in error and attempted to persuade them otherwise.
Living in South Korea as I have for seven years, I have a bit more insight into the society than they do, having only been here six months. “Crime is so low here, and there are no guns. In France it is the same. We learned in Brazil that if someone mugs you, you give them your camera and your wallet and they leave you alone. If you fight back, they might kill you,” they said.
I asked them (a couple) if they knew what the most common crimes in this country are and thought perhaps, as she is a lawyer, she may know. They did not. I explained to them the the number one crime in this country is fraud. This should come as a shock to no one who has been here more than a few months and has eyes.
The number two crime in this country has, until very recently, been kept a secret from the foreigner community at large. You see, here, the foreign language press only reports good things about the country by in large, but there are a growing number of places you can go to find translations of the newspapers they are reading. The number two crime in this country is sexual assault. Why? Well, why not. You have a society of very hard drinking people, very good looking but mostly weak women, a society that is supposedly based on Confucianism, which certain parents use as a justification for never disciplining their sons (at least the first born ones) and people are raised to be subservient to those in authority, and oh yes, one more thing, all weapons are outlawed.
Pulling a knife on a person in a fight is grounds for arrest, even if you are the one being attacked. And if you are a foreigner, forget about fair treatment. An American serviceman was, earlier this year, at a club in one of the central party districts. He was attacked by a group of Korean men for some thing he did or said or perhaps just because he was not from around there. Anyway, during the attack, he pulled out a pocket knife with a three inch blade and started swinging it at his attackers. This was reported in the media as another “crazy drunken foreigner violently attacking the innocent Korean people.” Anyway, back to my story of New Years Eve.
I tell this statistic to the woman, thinking that perhaps it would give her something to consider, because what woman wants to be sexually assaulted? What man for that matter? I can see the wheels turning in her mind, but her reply disappoints me. “Well, crime is really low in this country.” Yes, that is true, but tell that to yourself when you are being attacked by a gang of rapists as one foreign woman was in 2011. She was walking too close to the street one night, trying to get a taxi. A limousine pulled up, two Korean men jump out, throw her into the back and begin trying to rape her. Fortunately for her, she was a fighter and they eventually gave up, beating her and throwing her out of the moving vehicle on the Namsan Mountain road.
Over the last 48 hours, Ive been thinking about the conversation I had with them, which ended as abruptly as it began, with no agreement from either side and an awkward changing of the subject. I have been trying to think of a situation with which all people are familiar to try to frame the gun control debate in such a way as to show that we are not all gun nuts, bitterly clinging to our weapons and our Bibles. I think I may have found it.
Rambo 4 is one of my favorite movies ever. It’s interesting that just the other day, I was discussing the movie with my Australian friend, another staunch conservative/libertarian. We often talk about the movies we watch, as neither of us really bother with watching Korean TV anymore. He said he had sat down and watched the first three Rambo movies. I asked him why he had not watched the fourth. He made some comment about how he hadn’t really liked it as much as the others. I said, “What’s not to like? It’s got a bunch of lib-tards begging a warrior to help them.” I completely forgot to bring up this movie during our friendly argument.
Now I know that most of you have probably seen the movie, but I’ll try to break it down for those of you who may have avoided it because it was too violent. A group of Christian missionaries are trying to smuggle relief supplies to a group of mountain people in Burma. They are vehemently anti-gun and anti-violence. They hire Rambo to take them up river from the civilized part of Thailand up to the wild area on the Thai/Burma border, one of the most heavily mined places in the world. As they are going up river, one of the women tries to convert Rambo to being a man of peace. He basically says that he is a man of peace and that she and her group are a bunch of idiots that are not going to affect any change in the lives of the mountain people because relief supplies aren’t going to help them fight a war. He says they need guns not Bibles and medicines.
As they get farther and farther up river, they come upon a group of river pirates. Not being a linguist, I cant tell you if they are supposed to be Burmese or Thai, but it really doesn’t matter. Pirates are pirates. Rambo instructs everyone to stay quiet, let him do the talking, and do not look anyone in the eye. The pirates begin ransacking the boat and taking what they want. They then notice that there is a woman on board and so they start to take her as well. Her boyfriend jumps up to stop it, but he is quickly smacked to the ground. Rambo takes the opportunity to pull out pistols and blow every one of the pirates straight to hell. The leader of the group then admonishes him for having shot all those people. Rambo shouts him down quickly, telling him that if he had not shot them, they would likely all be dead and this man’s girlfriend would be getting gang-raped.
The next day, he drops them off at the meeting point with the mountain people and Rambo goes home. Two or three weeks pass, and a man appears at Rambo’s door. He has hired a group of mercenaries to go rescue the members of his church which have been captured in Burma by the Junta. He wants Rambo to take this group of men to the place where he left the missionaries. He agrees and they go up the river.
Once they arrive, they find the village the missionaries had been helping. There are rotting corpses everywhere. The soldiers even killed the farm animals. Bodies are hanging from poles, severed heads are on sticks, just about the worst things one can imagine have happened in this village within the last month or so and no one was left to talk about it or clean it up. Suddenly a truck pulls up at the bottom of the hill, and the mercenaries hide. They watch as villagers are pulled out of the back of a truck and lined up along the edge of a rice paddy. A soldier then goes walking through the rice paddy with a bag of landmines and starts arming and randomly tossing them around the paddy. The soldiers then force the villagers to run across the rice paddy while they make wagers on who will step on a mine first. Everyone makes it to the pile of corpses on the far side of the paddy, and the soldiers start shooting around them to make them run back. They do and sure enough, one of them steps on a mine.
One of the mercs are spotted at this point and shooting starts. Rambo appears with his bow and together with the mercs, they kill all the bad guys and steal the truck.
That night, they infiltrate the army base with the help of the dead soldiers’ uniforms and the truck they stole. They rescue the surviving missionaries and try to escape back to the river. However they are spotted and the soldiers make it to the river before they can. Rambo arrives on scene with the help of a sniper and one of the missionaries. The soldiers are torturing their captives and are ready to kill them when once again, Rambo saves the day, jumping up and killing the gunner in a truck, then swinging the fortified .50 caliber machine gun down to sweep the cab and the local area before opening up on the soldiers below. In the melee at the bottom of the hill, people are dying on both sides. One of the missionaries, who was most vocal about his belief of non-violence, picks up a rock and bashes in the head of one of the soldiers who has just killed one of the mercenaries. This is essentially the end of the movie.
What do we learn from this film? What is the point? When it was released, in 2008, it was panned as just another Rambo gorefest movie with no coherent plot. Just another mindless action movie. But on another level, to the person with a 360 degree view of reality, it attempts to make a very good point. The world needs scary men with guns is the point most people would take away from this film, but I disagree with this conclusion. The climax of the movie is this limp-wristed anti-gun preacher bashing in the head of an attacker with a rock. Rambo’s line on the first boat trip about how the missionaries are changing nothing by going unarmed to help the mountain people speaks volumes. We all know here that guns dont kill people, and that if you want to kill someone, you dont need a gun to do it. We also know that when people are disarmed, as the Junta had done to the mountain people, genocide is the outcome. This movie makes these two points very clear in a graphically violent way. If you have some friends that are hopeless libtards, perhaps this isnt the movie to show them in regards to the gun control debate. But if you have a friend that is open-minded and conflicted about whether or not gun confiscation is a good idea, rather than trying to preach to them about what happens when government disarms its citizens, just sit down and watch this movie with them.

Later all, and enjoy the film,


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  1. Really liked the writing of the article and the points it made were fantastic. I have some footballers from the bar who can still be awakened that wouldn’t think twice about seeing a Rambo movie with us. thanks for the info and godspeed with any new posts as well written as this one in the future.

  2. Well written article! One of my friends told me about how the character that Rambo is based on had a militia in the state where he retired and even ended up having a standoff with law enforcement…

  3. Good reference point. That film does do well to illustrate the points of the issue. Thanks for the insight, @bohmerov!

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