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Total recall

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December 25, 2012 in Entertainment


We know for last few years remakes are Hollywood’s new cash cow. There is nothing new under the sun I am told, it’s the new reality. Hollywood takes the old and makes it new. The newest film to hit remake hell is Total Recall (Columbia Pictures). I really wanted to see this film only because I am a big fan of science fiction, but when I pop the DVD in the old DVD drive and the world of total recall came to life in front of my eyes, I got a bit more than what I thought. The story – humans had destroyed the world in a chemical war, now only two places remain were humans can live, Britain(high society) and Australia(slums), now called the colony, every day a group of works go to Britain to work, throw a transportation thing called the fall, which goes throw the center of the earth. Douglas Quaid (Colin Farrell) a double agent without knowing he is a double agent, his mission, to find out where the rebels are hiding so the government could kill them. Quaid, a factory worker wants more; he plays around with this idea of going to a place called “Rekall,” where he wants to be a secret agent, he ends up going. ReKall a process were they put memories in your head that are not real but feel very much real to you, it’s a fake set memories. The Rekall person finds out that Quid’s head has already been messed with, Rekall reactivates Quaid and then the he starts searching for who he was and what the heck is going on. The Rebels which the government is trying to bring down by fake terrorist’s attacks that they blame on the rebels, state sponsored terror attacks. This lie is being feed to the people via the media saturation. The reason for this is the state wants to build a case for having a completely robotic police force and they want to turn the colony into a very big slave labor camp, Quid sets out to stop this, unknowing he being played like fiddle by the old him (Carl Hauser). The rebels vary much know what the government wants to do with a fully robotic police force and wants to stop it. Quaid who has seen the “kill switch” for the robots finds the leader of the rebels. They go to get the kill code for the robots out of Quads photographic memory, only to find it was a plan to find the leader and kill all of the rebels, and then the government is free to go on and kill people in the colony to turn them into slave labor to build more robots. Quaid stops it and every one lives happly ever after.

What I find interesting about this remake is that it really hits home, with the rise in drone usage in America, the desensitization of our youth and people in general throw the media and other groups to gain control of the country’s people. In the movie the government uses terrorism to justify the robotic attack on the colony, when in fact it was the government who were pulling all the strings, staging terror attacks to build a case for the attack to enslave a group of people. We see a lot of truth hidden under a world of nice imagery in a science fiction setting. Implantation of memories is interesting because we live in a world where a lot of people are manipulated throw media and advertisements and some theories even say that our government is already doing it with microwaves to pant ideas in peoples head. Advertisements are powerful things, look at planned parenthood and how many lies they throw out there, the media and pushing this idea of having a standing prescription for an abortion pill for teen girls and women , I never heard one report talking about what kind of messages this is sending to the youth of America and women in general. It’s because Desensitization come first, get you use to the idea, slowly put it into society and it becomes an accepted idea. This is what we see with the robotic plice force in the moive, they need them for protection. Total Recall is a fun action packed movie with a lot of stuff that hits home; they focus on the media in this futuristic police state setting.

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4 responses to Total recall

  1. I’d love to see a “good” remake of Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind

    As for Total Recall, well, I think I liked the original a bit better, BUT, the new version wasn’t all that bad.

  2. I liked it. but not as much as the 1990s version. There were some parts in there, like when they busted into the rebals strong hold with gas masks. Would gas not flood that place? It was unclear there, there are a few others scenes like that. Overall good action and effects, not bad story, but thoses little hick ups, that make me go wait a sec, I don’t like thoses.

  3. Yeah it was a decent movie… I enjoyed watching it too. Might have to see it again sometime

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