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Thinking of proposing a man? Here are some useful advices

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November 13, 2017 in Entertainment


If you love a man but can’t tell them you do, you sure are among those shy, less expressive girls. What most girls belonging to this league do is- wait to see if the man falls in love and proposes them instead. Actually, such a thing rarely happens as men are not gods to know what’s in the mind of the girl. Eventually, the man of their dreams gets into a relationship with some other girl who has probably extended a proposal to him proactively. Now, do you want something as bad as this to happen with you? Of course not! So, gather some courage, come out of your comfort zone, and propose the man you love. But before doing that follow this proposal guide-

1. The first and most important aspect to consider is the time. When are you going to propose the man of your dreams? A lot of girls love to extend their proposal to their man on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. It’s an amazing idea and is, of course, one of the most popular ones. If, however, you think proposing on Valentine’s Day is a cliché, then you can choose some other important occasions to say that you love him. If you already have a plan of celebrating their birthday, because maybe you are close friends as of now, then you can take this occasion to express your love for him. Having said that, it’s not meant you always need a special day to express you love; love can be expressed on any routine day. After all, love makes even the most mundane of days feel like the first day of spring.

2. Do something that will make this day memorable for him. He may accept or reject your proposal, but he shouldn’t be able to forget this day. Do something special! Even if you may not like going on your knees for a guy, you may choose to do that if you really want to win the heart of the guy. While you do so, make sure you have something in your hand to present him. It need not be something extremely expensive. It could be anything that you deem fit for the occasions. If, however, you don’t have an idea about what gift to buy for a man, you can ask your friends for some suggestions.

3. Proposal is nothing, but a statement and a question clubbed together. The statement is, “I love you.”And the question part of the proposal is, “Do you love me?” Is it this simple? Probably not! Making love proposals is never easy. A lot of thoughts and emotions keep running through your mind at that point of time. And all you can feel is your pounding heart that seems like it will come out of the body. But if you go on to show your man all this nervousness, he will be scared. Be confident and cheerful with an attitude that oozes out courage and propose him like a real diva.

By following these amazing tips, you sure will be able to propose the man of your dreams in the most impressive manner.

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