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Things That You Must Know While Joining A Fantasy Cricket Contest On A Fantasy Cricket Betting Website

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September 7, 2017 in Entertainment


Fantasy cricket betting is one of the fastest emerging trends on the online sporting arena, thanks to the real-time thrill that it offers. This, combined with the knowledge and expertise that it takes has managed to attract hundreds and thousands of cricket enthusiasts to the thriving betting platforms. If you are one such enthusiast or are have your eyes set on participating in the fantasy betting through a website, you can expect to find a wide array of contests that you can be a part of. Right from simply designed 2 or 3-member contests, to more exciting 10-member contests, you can play them all.

Practice and Cash Contests

Every fantasy betting website comprises of these two type of contests.
The free-to-play practice contests are perfectly suited for those users who wish to learn the art of playing online fantasy games before they try their hand out at cash-based contests. In this case, they do not require to pay any entry fee. Once they’re comfortable with the format and gain a knack for playing the game skilfully, they can conveniently move on to the next level, i.e. the cash contests.
The cash contests, as the name suggests, can only be played by paying an entry fee. These contest comprise of players using real money to play against each other, wherein the participant who emerges as the winner gets to take home the cash prize.

Public and Private Contests

While public contests are essentially hosted by the website and are open to all the members of the site, provided they agree to pay an entry fee for the chosen match, private contests are designed to be played amongst a group of known friends. In case of private contests, a participant is required to create a contest by choosing an upcoming match. That being done, the participant is entitled to inviting his/her friends to join along via email or Facebook, wherein a unique code generated at the time of creating the contest needs to be passed along. Only when the friends have the code, are they be allowed to join the said contest. Needless to mention, the friends will have to register themselves on the website (if they haven’t already done so) and create their own dream teams. They will then be required to pay an entry fee for the match. After the payment has been processed, they can go on to enjoy the match.


Every user needs to create his own dream team to enter any contest. Once the actual match begins, the players chosen by the user is awarded points based on their on-ground performance. The total of these points for every user is tallied once the match ends. The user with the highest point is declared as the winner.
We hope, this quick read has helped you become better informed about fantasy cricket betting. So, wait no more before you join in your favourite fantasy cricket website and win oodles of cash prizes!

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