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January 23, 2013 in Entertainment


“the point is that’s what it’s really like folks…you go to someone’s house worth $100million dollars and it’s all about ‘how the pimp game’s rolling’!” -Alex Jones

So we’ve made it to 2013, no end of the world, no polar shift or Niburu or Annunaki landing on the capital.  What a disappointment, right?  Just another year to go further into the NWO agenda, farther down the rabbit hole, and deeper into the matrix.  The one thing that stuck out to Me more than any other thing of 2012 was AJ’s insistence that not only was the whole “2012 end of the world” thing a TOTAL hoax and fraud, but that the system in general was relying on people being unconscious and unprepared as they simply waited for “the end”.  Well the end didn’t come folks, and now you’re REALLY stuck on The Pimp Plantation…so what are you going to do?

Well I’ve assembled a laundry list of possible solutions, but so many of them are too wide-spectrum to be implemented at any sort of grass-roots level.  The Webster Tarpley state-bonds idea is incredible, however impossible without complete overthrow and overhaul of the system.  Someone like Ron Paul would suggest an audit (and obvious dissolution) of the Fed as well as dismantling of the CIA, which is something JFK suggested right before having the majority of his head blown off on national tv.  Many others have many more ideas from the small to the large to the absurd, but all have different qualities and values.  What comes to mind is a story of caterpillars and how their transformation into butterflies uses something referred to as “imaginative cells” in the transformation process.  The concept is essentially that when in the cocoon the lifeforce behind transformation uses individual creative cell change to completely morph from one form of life to another.  This absolutely AMAZING process is the literal and exact answer to nearly EVERY problem facing society today.

Going into this @ length would take many, many, many pages and I’m sure no one wants to read a college paper…so let’s boil it down.  1st, if you’re a MALE, your options are limited but powerful.  Get armed, trained, prepared with survival gear, and begin forming groups of Freedom Fighters who will stand up against not only local, state, and government tyranny, but also be prepared for the onslaught of FOREIGN TROOPS who are in this country and ready to kill American citizens.  This is your MAIN FUNCTION if you are an active male healthy enough for combat.  Spreading information is great, as AJ always promotes, however we’re very late in the game for passive action.  They ARE going to collapse the economy, they WILL put people in FEMA camps to die, and FOREIGN TROOPS are on American soil ready to kill and disarm the population.  The time for  pure “infowar” is nearly @ an end as the physical confrontation has already been going on for well over 20yrs (waco, ruby ridge, 9/11, etc).  Literal ACTION is needed to support the “infowar” by any who can countermand orders that are unconstitutional, overthrow powers that mean to usurp the American people, stop motions being taken to disarm citizens, etc.  Now this is all if you are an active, healthy, strong-minded male who can take real-world steps to make a difference.  Obviously strong females can participate as well, however the FOREIGN TROOPS are all well-trained killer males and would be best battled by hardened male counterparts.

The real crux of the matter is our female population that have, for the most part, been fooled into trading their birthright for baubles by a degenerate pop-culture and a fake women’s liberation movement that was founded and funded by the Rockefellers and others seeking to profit and destroy the core values of family.  This is what I most want to focus on in an effort to remove women from the NWO “pimp plantation” and onto a more self-empowering and ultimately societal-changing course of action.  I ask now that ANY and ALL women who desire to have serious and engaging discussions on this matter please CONTACT ME DIRECTLY!!!  I will need @ least an hour just to break the surface with any girl/woman/female and many hours to then put into action all that is discussed.  Obviously, as is anything worthy in life, risk is involved and those that wish to simply watch the propaganda box (tv) or spend time shopping for chinese slave goods while the country rots and collapses in front of them are NOT the kinds of woman that can be helped.  Motivation, risk-taking, hard work, dedication, and an open-mind are all needed in order to shift the paradigm of female thoughts in this country.  However, I am ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that this is the ultimate key to everything.  As women change, so does society, as the daily doings of nearly every heterosexual male are driven by and focused on acquiring a sexual mate.  Once these motivations are more geared towards MEANINGFUL action rather than fake-macho, pretend tough-guy, creepy metrosexual tendencies, we will see a seismic shift in our society nearly overnight!!!!!!  I am so certain of this that if you are a willing participant female who does not find IMMEDIATE change in her life and surroundings based on our interactions and discussions, Big Daddy Kane with compensate you with FREE worthless paper monopoly money printed from your favorite fascist institution: The Fed :)

Good luck Men of War, and I look forward to speaking with ALL the strong, beautiful women who desire REAL CHANGE in 2013 and BEYOND!!!!!!!  Yours Truly, Big Daddy Kane

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  1. And what is your proposal exactly?

    • Sorry for the massive delay in response, it’s hard to run a business full-time, fight the NWO, keep up with news and buddies, and stay trendy on planet infowars lol

      Please feel free to contact Me directly, I’m like Professor Griff and just hand My number out without fear of who wants to contact Big Daddy! :) ChristianBentley@live.com and please tell Me whom I’m speaking with when you message so I can remember the conversation!!

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