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The Assassination of John Lennon

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December 8, 2012 in Entertainment


This is part 2 of a blog I wrote back in April 2010 called “The Terrorist Beatles and the Charles Manson Myth (check out this link to read the full blog http://www.myspace.com/spookhauso/blog/532649088

and, as promised,here’s part 2……

In part one, I discussed The Beatles “Terrorist-like” effect on the youth culture of the 60s and the revolution that was ensuing during that time.
The Hippie movement of the mid 60s were more than just a bunch of freaked out stoners with long hair but a y.201ooouth culture that became uberaware of their surroundings,social/political affairs and most of all, human and civil rights issues.
The “Freedom” portrayed by The Hippies were that of an antimilitary-like stance;
Hence the long hair….
Individualized appearance;
Hence the craaaazy duds.
Their attitude was the antithesis of the oppressive government,cops and military.
After all,it was a time when the American Government were drafting their children to fight a war not based on American freedom or values but a war based on lies greed and deception,which,40 years later, is discovered to be true. And the Hippies knew it then.
There was something suspicious happening with The Powers that Be and there was a new awareness in this fresh generation of youth never before seen and it was clearly out of control in the eyes of the ruling government.
So like government and military do;Eliminate the source of the rebeliousness…… Destroy the perpetraters and the leaders in these movements…… Terminate the influence and take back control of the people.

And through the 60s we saw the death of some very important figures,who in the bid to uphold all human beings civil rights and freedoms, were put to death by “disgruntled assassins”;JFK,Robert Kennedy,MLK,Malcom X.
Were they killed by “Joe average assassin” or were they silenced forever by a much larger force so that a much larger agenda could be furthered?
It wasn’t just killing off powerful politcal figures but silencing powerful popular figures as well.
John Lennon was on that list.
A brilliant songwriter and performer with a history of fronting one of the most influencial rock bands of our time and,in the late 60s and early 70s, after departing from The Beatles, took on an even more activist approach to his music and lifestyle.
He wasn’t singing,”I wanna hold your hand” any more. He was now singing “Give Peace a Chance” and the world was listening.
As I mentoned in part one of this blog,The Beatles “Terrorist-like attack” on the youth of America, setting the kids into a frenzy wherever they went while the American government had their own agenda on how youth culture should be shaped.
It was the sheer power of The Devil’s Music;Rock n Roll, that The Powers That Be feared as they knew of it’s rage, rebelliousness and it’s hypnotic power that was a stronger force on the influence of the kids than the Government.
They had seen it a decade earlier with Elvis and Bill Haley and were eventualy able to control them but they had seen nothing like the effect that these British Terrorists had on their precious youth.
The youth that was to fight thier wars and pay their taxes.

The American Feds had their close eye on these 4 blokes from Liverpool,especially the leader,John Lennon,who,even in the beginning of the Beatles rise to fame in America, would often make callous off the cuff remarks to the ever evading press.
Remarks that were often amusingly insightful and sarcastic rather than outwardly critical,abrasive and, mostly,perceived threatening to religious groups,politicians,record companies and The Elite.
The Beatles were a large part of the hippie movement and their song Revolution by John Lennon became the mantra for the time but the Beatles were forced into being a studio band as they couldn’t tour because of death threats toward Lennon and the crowd getting so out of hand. They also lost their manager, Brian Epstein,to suicide; a death that remains suspicious.
This was the beginning of their demise and their limited exposure.

And as the 60s ended, so did the Hippies,the music and John Lennon and The Beatles fell apart.
It’s also interesting to note that many famous performers that were involved in the movement in the late 60s died of overdoses or accidental deaths;Janis Joplin,Jim Morrison,Mama Cass and most noteably,Jimi Hendrix, a powerful Black performer, that died chocking on his own vomit after “a drinking binge of wine.”
I might do blog on this incident though I may ask you, the reader, to do your own research on Jimi Hendrix;How he may have died, why he was killed.
John Lennon was spared…this time…but he was fucked with…
His band broke up,the press misconstrued his words and ostracized him, the Manson trials(read about that in the first blog) were somehow directed towards him, his music and the group.
He left the band and retreated with his girlfriend/artist Yoko Ono to shed his Beatles skin and gather his thoughts and put his life back together…away from the press,the media and the hype only to return as a highly succesful solo artist with a message and a cause.
He applied for a visa to live in the States,he loved NYC,but was turned down for his small pot chrarge he recieved many years previous( he was setup on that charge).
Then President,Richard Nixon, was a passionate pot prohibitionist and created The War on Drugs Policies that still plague honest potsmokers to this day and he knew very well of John Lennon and his activism….especially the rally that was held for John Sinclair,who,an activist himself, was charged and sent to prison for 10 years for passing a joint to a cop in 1969.
When John Lennon’s name was announced as being a special guest and he showed up at the rally to sing a song dedicated to the man charged with such a ridiculous offence,it provoked an overwhelming public response and Sinclair was immediately released.
It also didn’t help matters that Lennon was associated and friends with Black Panther’s leader, Bobby Seele and activisits Abby Hoffman and Jerry Rubin in the states. And Lennon knew that he was being monitored,videotaped and his phone was being tapped by the feds.
He eventualy retreated from the public eye and rekindled with his wife and settled down to raise his son in 1976……

While Lennon takes some time off, lets discuss The Killer,Mark David Chapman.
Born, 1955,Fort Worth Texas. He had autism. Raised in a christian Family, he went on to play guitar in christian bands and worked as a volunteer for The YMCA,which took him around the world to many war-torn third world countries.
Eventualy he settled in Hawaii where he plotted the murder of John Lennon and took several trips from Hawaii to Chicago to NYC to do the job but chickened out until Dec 8 1980,he shot Lennon in front of The Dakota(an old but prestigious building where Roman Polanski filmed Rosemary’s Baby..and that’s another blog as well) with a .38 loaded with 5 hollow point bullets, 4 hitting Lennon in the shoulder and back ,exploding inside him and destroying his blood vessles to his heart.
Lennon didn’t have a chance of survival.The bullets, Chapman recieved from a cop friend, explode inside the body. Lennon could’ve been shot infront of a hospital with waiting topnotch surgeons and modern machinery and he still wouldn’t have survived
,,,he needed to be snuffed out…for good!
But was Mark David Chapman,an unexperienced gunman and ,apparently,a non-violent individual,who,never owned a gun really capable of pulling the trigger?
And,to note, apparently Lennon wasn’t his idol.
It was 70s songwriter/producer, Todd Rundgren that he admired the most.

Could a man be so obsessed with a public figure that he felt threatened by this individual,fuelling a jealous inferiority complex and the only way to rid himself of the obstacle that lay in the way of his own ego needed to be completely and utterly eliminated?
Does that sound like Chapman’s story or a story of a higher force that didn’t need an obstacle too get in the way of their much higher agenda?
I have heard of CIA mind control techniques,brain and ear implants,conditioning,hypnotism,drug therapy…..Desensitization;something that may have been applied to Chapman when he toured these third world violent countries.(same thing is happening to us as we watch violent movies and vids!) These tours, as mentioned, were sponsored by the YMCA who, during that time, were recruiting stations set up by the CIA.
It’s interesting to note that Chapman’s favorite book”Catcher in The Rye”, which he carried with him the night of the murder, was also a favorite book of the attempted assassinator of Ronald Regan,John Hickley Jr,whose father was a big oilman connected with George H W Bush. Words,phrases,and famous lines from books can trigger,through hypnotism and mind control, certain actions. Chapman was quoted as saying that he heard voices and it wasn’t him that was pulling the trigger, it was a stronger force than himself but that’s often typical babble from a madman.
And because of his mad statements he was never given a trial and the cops closed the case right away.
It was obvious they had their man and there was no reason to do a thorough investigation.
Chapman was charged and scentenced and remains in prison to this day,denied parole many times over,though he probably wouldn’t survive in the outside world being known as the man who killed John Lennon and of course the media would be all over him,wanting exclusive storys and interviews and maybe he would shed a new light on the events that happened that day and spark a whole new interest in the murder case itself…… But his release aint gonna happen…ever.

It was John Lennon’s return to the public eye and the release of his Album Double Fantasy that led to his eventual demise. There was alot happening politicaly as well at the time.
There was the dirty contra wars in Nicaragua and south America where American soldiers were accused of raping and kiling nuns and Ronald Regan had won presidency and was to announce the star wars programs and the nuclear arms programs and Gorbachev’s Communist Russia was an ongoing threat to the Western World.
It was the beginning of a new decade and with the return of this highly powerful activist,a popular figure promoting peace and telling people what war really was all about,perhaps,persuading ,informing and leading the people to protest,well,The Feds didn’t need this obstacle in their way… And on the 31st anniversary of Lennon’s death we see a Government continuing their wars,we continue to hear the lies and we continue to see deception,lack of transparency,backroom deals,laws passed in secrecy;tighter more oppressive ones to enslave the people.
We are seeing this in all levels of Governments from municipal to state/provincial to country and world wide and with the help of the internet and people’s “awakening, well, we’re seeing a Hippy movement all over again, though, it’s much more refined and somewhat domesticated.
Because it’s not the youth that’s being effected, it’s everyone from all walks of life and all age groups that are standing up against the governments and it is being proven that the people are winning.
But we are also seeing the Government’s backlash continue;arresting innocent protesters and activists and others that expose”secret” government files to a population that desrves to know what their elected-paid- for- politicians are doing to their world!
I think if Lennon were alive today he would be right in there stirrin the shit!!

We really need a guy like Lennon in the music scene today. I mean, the mainstream music scene is full of shallow,self serving posers that really have nothing to say. I’d love to sit down with some of these “stars” and shoot the shit and verbally kick their shallow ass!
There’s not alota bands or artists that are going to be signed to today’s fledging record companies unless they’re a sure thing and most importantly…safe.
Because the Entertainment industry today is there to take one’s mind off real issues and if an artist entertains and educates he could get snuffed out by the industry prety quick!
It’s like biting the hand that feeds you.And that applys to any corporate sponsored Entertaiment or News medium
A little note to up-and-coming wannabe rock stars and “career” Musician’s: If ya wanna be “successful” don’t mix your political views with your music because you’ll never get signed by the majors.Shut yer fuckin mouth and play the guitar.. Personaly I couldn’t give a fuck about being “successful” so I continue to spew my philisophical rants and political viewpoints and do my art and give it away free for people to listen and enjoy….
It’s not about selling, it’s about the love of creating, giving and connecting ,thanks largley to the internet and current technologies.
And John Lennon,a once pop star that “grew up” to be an activist and popular speaker was about giving and connecting during a time that today’s tecnology was non exsistent.
He gave his music and his brilliant ahead -of- it’s – time insightfulness and connected with the world in a spiritual and positive way.
For that he was murdered………
……..and Mark David Chapman was a patsy,a Manchurian Candidate.Think about it.

May John Lennon continue to RIP…and I hope he’s not rolling over in his grave…


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