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Thank You to Alex & Staff – Count On Me

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January 17, 2013 in Entertainment


Alex Jones and his staff are inspirational to so many people including myself. I love America and the constitution we are facing some sad days ahead not only for ourselves but our country. We the people have fallen asleep due to our own ignorance and reliance on others to guide us and steer us in the right direction. We place our trust and freedoms in people who want no part in making us a free and educated people. As a songwriter certain people or events seem to inspire me and Alex and his staff are those people. I realize they risk everything finances, freedom, family, and their lives to report and help us lift our own personal veil and see for own eyes what exactly is going on behind the scenes of those who tell us what society should be like. When I wrote my tribute song back in June or so of 2012 I had people personally tell me never release it and do not agree. I feel inspired to share my voice in the best way that I can because I personally know that we the people are in some real trouble. I see and meet people everyday that their routines consist of sleeping, working as much as possible, and relaxing after a long day with a cold beer and a bottle of wine for the ladies with the occasional prescription pill thrown in. After 30 minutes they are one with the television watching everything from the Kardashian’s to Honey Boo Boo. Point is they are numb and their only concern is living day to day. People want to live their lives and not worry about FEMA Camps, and gun control and the thousands of assaults against our freedoms and constitution. We just want to be left alone this is what makes me sad about America I know in my heart that it will take a series of events to wake the people up. Of course it’s a situation comparable to the Titanic to big and strong to sink, but as we view history it took time for people of the Titanic to realize they were truly in trouble and by that time it was too late. There were not enough life boats for everyone and many realized their fate. There would be no rescue as the ship sank to the ocean floor. America is the Titanic and the citizens are the passengers of the great ship. We have trusted the wrong people and we have hit the iceberg of politics or a turning point in our Nation’s history. I hope and pray to God that this will not happen and people will unite I love America with all my heart and I know we can Count On Alex and his team to keep sounding the alarm before America gasps for one last great breath, and the torch of freedom has been darkened for good. Thank you for the inspiration. It will be a very sad day in the world the day America is officially declared dead my only hope is that we can turn this around in time…..

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2 responses to Thank You to Alex & Staff – Count On Me

  1. Thank you!

  2. Congrats! I’m adding it to my playlist, and voting you up on You Tube. I have a playlist of “Alex Rant Remixes” on my iPod, and every time I start to lose heart…. Alex does have the gift of oratory, and what he does, more than any other “conspiracy theorist” is inspire, and motivate people to action, he gives them hope. So does David Icke.

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