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November 29, 2017 in Entertainment


Extreme Sportsbook
breaks away from the norm with its Decentralized Wagering Technology and the launch of blockchain powered XSB platform
Extreme Sportsbook has announced the launch of its unique platform, Xsports, for sports betting. The first of its kind; this platform is powered by blockchain, consequently decentralizing wagering technology and making it one of the most powerful online betting platforms in the world. The platform is designed to eliminate the middleman and remove the possibility of mistrust between the house and players. This explains why the decentralized wagering technology was inspired by blockchain Proof-Of-Stake trust protocol.
Sports betting is becoming increasingly popular across the globe. However, one challenge that has plagued the industry since its inception is the possibility of a compromise especially on the part of the house and middlemen. Hypocritical government regulations have also posed challenges to the industry. In a bid to create a more efficient betting or wagering industry, Extreme Sportsbook introduced its somewhat disruptive innovation in Xsports.
The platform is scheduled to go live in January 2018 and the crowd sale investment opportunity has kicked off with a VIP presale that started on the 1st November 2017. The features of the platform and the token sale will help investors and users to enjoy the best of sports betting.
As contained in the whitepaper, the total number of tokens available for sale is capped at 18 million. The VIP presale per XSB token is $0.25 USD. The first phase of the sale commences on December 1, 2017, offering the token at $0.30 USD per XSB token. The second phase begins on December 16 and runs through December 30. Interested investors and consequent users of the token are required to create an account on Xsports and generate deposit addresses for both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrencies.
The Xsports platform uses a unique Proof-of-Stake method for validating its data. This ensures optimum security for users while ensuring validation in record time. The platform is breaking barriers to bring the future of the wagering industry to the world based on the principles of Transparency, Trust, and Autonomy.
About Extreme Sportsbook
Extreme Sportsbook is a sports betting platform powered by blockchain technology. Described as the most powerful platform for online betting, XSB introduces decentralized wagering technology into the wagering industry, creating a more transparent, autonomous and secured betting platform.

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