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Red Dawn the movie Review

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November 27, 2012 in Entertainment


   I went to see it opening night.  I don’t think it was nearly as good as the original.  The lead character Chris Hemsworth  , from THOR, was pretty good.  Charley Sheen’s replacement for “Matty” was a former Disney actor from some lame show called “Josh and Drake”.  I thought he sucked as the #2 guy.  But then again I’m comparing him to Charley Sheen, no competition there.  The actor who played their father did a good job as well.   I thought the Asian support actors were better than most of the American support actors.  Funny thing is that they all had sub-titles.  During the movie it was briefly eluded to that the invading army had some inside help.  However, it was never fully explained.  I would suggest waiting a few weeks until it shows at half price or wait for the DVD.  At least the action and special effects can be better appreciated at the cinema.
  Originally the movie was shot with the Chinese invading which is much more realistic than North Korea.  It’s my understanding that the Chinese government put up a stink and put pressure on the American entertainment industry to change the movie.  It should have been released much earlier.  Since when do the Chi Coms have any say in this country?  Oh wait, I guess that was when Clinton broke down our front door, rolled out the red carpet for them and got down on his knees groveling.

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