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The Police State is Fun, Kids!

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December 30, 2012 in Entertainment


I saw this on the shelf at a local Dollar General Store and I must say that I find the making of children’s toys such as these to be highly questionable.

When I saw this I immediately heard the words to the perfect advertisement: “Looking to indoctrinate your kids to Authoritarianism, War, and the rising Police State?… These toys are for you!”

S.W.A.T. ... for Kids!

Who would even think to make such toys for children age 3 and up?

A European company called Best-Lock Construction Toys … makers of other fun stuff for your kids like these:

Police and S.W.A.T. Police Station S.W.A.T. Car Police Boat
S.W.A.T. Copter and Car Police Copter and Car Police Crew Police Headquarters Police Bikes Harbor Police

—- Not to mention, all of their great Military themed toys! ——

Military Checkpoint Apache Helicopter Tiger IV Tank Squadron Artillery Gun Spitfire Aircraft Carrier Attack Copter & Tank Army Boat Desert Tank & Jeep Rocket Launcher British Forces

It all just seems to scream “The Police State is Fun, Kids!” … wouldn’t ya say?

A line from the Company History page: “Unlike our competitors, Best-Lock feature a line of military construction vehicles and in fact has become the number one toy license of the US Army.”

Oh, really? Imagine that. Why am I not surprised?


They are also responsible for other items that may raise your eyebrow, like this one:

I can hear the closing line of the commercial: “Best-Lock Toys, making playtime more serious than ever!”

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2 responses to The Police State is Fun, Kids!

  1. A friend of mine once saw “Global Peacekeepers” in the toy shop. War is peace kiddies!

  2. That’s just incredible, if you didn’t think certain companies were steering your childrens minds, in the ( complete wrong direction ) , just look at this crap. Yup, start them young, this insanity, needs to STOP NOW!! I don’t know who will see this, but,parents, look at your kids next toy, does that toy send a negative message, trust your heart, you will know, is that, what you want your child thinking about. Mom is the word for GOD, on the lips of children. PEACE

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