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Poem: QEInfinite

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December 27, 2012 in Entertainment


Billions of dollars per month
being spent to bail out banks and corporations.
Tell the people it’s their debt.
They tell us it’s our debt.
Tell them it’s their fault.
They tell us it’s our fault.
Shall we get political?
Or take an open minded view of history:
Under Clinton, remove Glass-Steigel
so banks can legally gamble
with the securities of their clients.
Could the debt truly be ours since we allow
them to get away with it?

A roll of the dice, the wise man said
as he sang to the children of the sun
all present to hear the praise
and raise awareness
before reaching the time of the end.
Parents and grandparents before them,
godparents, mothers and fathers of our spirit,
for one final night of contact,
a joke unfunny,
a roll of the dice
to the health of the sovereign land.
We are the children of the sun.
Jail the bankers,
don’t let them get away.
Remove the politicians who don’t comply
who are there for corporations to buy
or to revolve from government office
to corporate office and back again.

History continues: Bail-outs under Bush,
continued under Obama. Support the Fed, these bought politicians.
Your common Republican, your common Democrat paid by insider interests.
Grand distractions, secluded delusions amass to prevent
the population awakening. The delusions breaking
like dynamic waves against static shores.
The crumbling sovereignty tied to the currency’s buying power
and an unknowing, uneducated people starting to budge.
History will show a wise stand by people of a place such as Iceland,
declaring independence from the bankers selfish, immoral scheme
while those wise to the stories of the past ex-patriot away to safer foreign lands.



Michael Aaron Casares is a poet and publisher from Austin, TX. Visit his personal website: http://macasares.webs.com/ or the website of his publishing house, Virgogray Press. http://www.virgograypress.com/  for more information.

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  1. deep stuff man. keep up the good work.

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