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Meta Sabian Kickstarter

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December 23, 2012 in Entertainment


Meta Sabian is an independent graphic novel series created by 3 artists from Pennsylvania that will be working to help awaken people to concepts about the New World Order and ways to resist it through the messages in their artwork and story-lines.

We are working to try and inspire others to create with their imaginations…  the Meta Sabian Universe is the format we have set up for others to join in and become their own favorite comic book character!   To help us get this project out we have set up a KickStarter campaign and are asking for backers to support us and help promote this project at:



Are You Meta?

The Meta Sabian story: Some say that our lives are linked across time and space… Connected by rippling “echoes” throughout the ages… it calls us towards our Destiny. Those whom are worthy enough to unlock the ancient knowledge will hold the secrets to the future fate of the universe.

There is a massive awakening happening in the world today. Those who have been awakened are now attempting to enlighten others to become part of a small but growing resistance within the population. Their destinies will draw them together in order to bring down a tyrannical system. Everything is not as it seems… Secret societies are running the world of “Atem” from behind the scenes, involved in all levels of the United Regions government, the mainstream news media and even the entertainment industries that are used as a form of mass control over the way people think and view the world. Ancient orders of the past are working to enslave the populations of the world still to this day…

However…unlike the past, where they carried out their acts in the open, today they remain hidden in the shadows and work behind the scenes pulling the strings of government, military, corporations and media with no clear leader at the helm guiding the course of actions taken. Through their methods of control they took over key positions of socitey and are guiding the world towards destruction and chaos. Although they may hold a great deal of power at the moment… the tide is turning!

The people that are suffering due to these organizations have much greater numbers then the people responisble for sending the orders or those whom blindly carrying them out.

There is a resistance growing against the current system. A few out there had decided to do something to make a difference.  As they continue to put out thier messages opposing the current paradigm of reality, they began to noticed it was starting to gain support and expand to all corners of the planet. Now there is a gathering taking place on Atem…

Trust in yourself and take actions that go with what you know to be in accord with that inner-voice speaking to you… it will help guide you on the journey through life and is a key to awakening to your true purpose and abilities while on Atem. By listening and being observant to your situation or environment around you – one can witness the universe respond, not in a direct way, but in a way that can only be described as “Synchronicity”.

The term synchronicity describes what has been called the “connecting principle” that links the mind and matter together. This underlying connectedness manifests itself through meaningful coincidences that cannot be explained simply by cause and effect. Such synchronicities occur, it’s theorized, when a strong need arises in the psyche of an individual. There has been debate on whether events linked to precognition and clairvoyance should also be included as synchronicity. Some scientists see a theoretical grounding for synchronicity in quantum physics, fractal geometry, and chaos theory. They are finding that the isolation and separation of objects from each other is more illusion than real;

At deeper levels, EVERYTHING (atoms, cells, molecules, plants, animals, people, stars, galaxies) participates in a sensitive, flowing web of information. Physicists have shown, for example, that if two photons are separated, no matter by how far, a change in one creates a simultaneous change in the other… meaning…



About the KickStarter Campaign:  We are attempting to raise funds to publish our graphic novel series, since we are a completely independent group we need some help to get this accomplished… no amount is too small and anything you can offer will be greatly appreciated!  If you can’t afford to donate but like what we are trying to accomplish and want to see it continue please help to spread the word about this KickStarter project and the Meta Sabian graphic novel to everyone you know!

To check out more information about Meta Sabian look for us on Facebook, Twitter, and the FriendshipAgenda.com networking sites or visit our main website where you can check out some of our artwork and get involved:


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