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February 14, 2013 in Entertainment


Copyright March 1st 1989
Ronald Boldt

A man gets married, and on the wedding night the wife tells him that is her box, and for him never to open it.

He agrees to this.

After forty years of marriage curiosity gets to him so he opens the box and in it is several large bundles of ten dollar bills, and three eggs.

When his wife gets back home he confesses about opening the box. And wanted to know why there were 3 eggs in the box along with the cash.

“Well I can answer that simply. Every time we had bad sex I would put in an egg.” She stated with a smile.

“Wow that is great. Only three times we had bad sex. So what about the money?” He asked.

“Well whenever I got a dozen eggs I would sell them.”

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  1. BAD lol. at least it wasnt for however much she got pregnant then lol.

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