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November 18, 2012 in Entertainment


Racism is bad when its the KKK but if newsweek says republicans are “old, white, and history” then that’s fine.

The country is bankrupt, we better create death panels and not worry about endless wars and the federal reserve printing money because “kill grandma and we can hire 10 teachers”.

NDAA is legal torture that’s “just for the muslims” except it specifically includes american citizens.

We need to punish whistle blowers for giving up government secrets but its widely known that most americans private phone calls and emails are being tapped by homeland security.

You can only get drugs from a doctor unless its fluoride, ammonia, heavy metals, and chlorine in the drinking water.

Dictators in the middle east are bad, but one in the white house is just fine.

We criticize elections in Russia as “rigged” but half of all states were called for a candidate before a single vote was counted in the U.S. elections.

The United Nations is for world peace, except when it starves and shoots people in the Middle east
and Africa.

We need carbon taxes for the deadly threat of global warming, even though its been widely disproven in the US and Europe- and Nasa has weather manipulation on its own website.

Nobody knows about GM factories being shipped to China, but everyone knows when Twinkies go off the market.

Every dollar that is put into social security is instantly spent but we are supposed to trust government control of healthcare.

Everything’s fine except QE3 has been delayed several times, Fema camps full of coffins are in every state,  and the Petro dollar is dying this December.

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