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Keeping Up With McLovin – 3 Things Christopher Mintz-Plasse Has Been Up to Since Superbad

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December 5, 2017 in Entertainment


Some people think that actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse hasn’t been busy since he was cast in the movie Superbad in 2007. In fact, he’s not had any trouble finding work because he refuses to limit himself to the Hollywood star maker machine. Since that first success, he’s gone on to do quite a bit. Here are five examples of how this performer has continued to delight fans.

Kick-Ass Franchise

While not his first work after Superbad, the Kick-Ass franchise provided Mintz-Plasse with the chance to show how much else he could do on the screen, His role as Red Mist was originally intended to be much smaller. When the producers saw how he handled the character, expansion was the only logical approach.

Released in 2010, Kick-Ass continued the momentum and brought more nominations and awards for Mintz-Plasse’s acting. The character proved so popular that there was no way he could be left out of the second movie in the franchise. The 2013 release of Kick-Ass was another personal success that kept those who wondered what had ever happened to McLovin from going without an answer.

Music Videos

If the term McLovin has come to be associated with people who confidently take on tasks even when it seems they are doomed to failure, Mintz-Plasse has demonstrated that he won’t shy away from a challenge. That may be why he has appeared in a number of music videos over the years.

If you watch the videos, you’ll find him started to branch into this genre in 2010. His first was Erase Me, with Kid Cudi as the artist and featuring Kanye West. That same year, he turned up in the video for Answer to Yourself by The Soft Pack. More recent music video appearances include U Don’t Know by Alison Wonderland and Ready by Kodaline.

Television Work

Mintz-Plasse has also made a number of appearances on television shows, including a pilot that ultimately did not lead to a series. Early in his career, he had a small roll on an episode of Wainy Days playing a laborer. Friend Me was a pilot for a series in 2012. Production stopped when death visited the set and the filmed episodes have never aired.

More recently, Mintz-Plasse has enjoyed a recurring role as Clark on The Great Indoors. During 2017 and 2017, he appeared in a total of 22 episodes.

If anyone tells you that Christopher Mintz-Plasse is nowhere to be found, tell that person to look around a bit. The performer has proven there is plenty of work outside the Hollywood star maker machinery. From voice over work to television to music videos, he has been busy since his first taste of success at 17. Based on his track record, expect him to be around for many years to come.

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