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Judgment Has Came

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January 17, 2013 in Entertainment


Judge Dredd is a comic book made in to a live action movie in 1995, the plot was about a Dredd being framed and his fight too clears his name, fast forward and you get a new chapter called “Dredd” (2012 Lionsgate). I enjoyed the action and i enjoy apocalyptic movies. The story – Dredd, a judge, the bad ass guy who you don’t want judging you, gets a rookie posted to him so he could judge/grade Anderson the rookie. Anderson failed her judge training; however Anderson is a powerful psychic, so they want to keep her around. Anderson and Dredd gets called to a crime were a gang skins three men and throws them down two hundred floors to the ground to make an example of for anyone else who is trying to infringe on the gangs turf, who sells a new reality-altering drug called Slo-mo. The gang is ran by a women called Mo-Mo who is runs a drug called Sol-Mo, which slows you brain down letting you see things in slow motion. It’s addictive and powerful. Dredd and Anderson get trapped in a two hundred story building being hunted by Mo-Mo’s gang, Dredd and Anderson has to survive and judge Mo-Mo while finding out the secrets of Slo-mo. In the action and awesome computer effects mixed in with real effects is a lot of themes on the surface of the film. The world has become a wasteland; the only place where people could live is in this mega city that starches across North America. We see a unification, its explained like reading the north America union reports, we all live in one big ass city with super highways all unified, which is broken up in to districts and zones, with the hall of justice oversight. It a police state out of control trying to control a chaotic state, so they invented judges who are jury and executioner. I see a message in the underlying message in the movie passed entertainment, action, and fun. The message is that we need massive oversight or we will fall into a chaotic state that needs control and if there is not control than people will become criminals. It plays to the idea if the police state, were you’re on the side of the judges or criminals side. The movie I found was action packed with some nice video angles, the slow motion computer enhancement was cool, but it does play to the idea of the police state and if you don’t fall to control than martial law is the only way. I find it interesting that most if not all futuristic movies have some kind of police state or government over sight in them from a dictatorship to a military/police controlled government, or corporations, what’s different from what is happening right now? In a lot of these types of films we get a society that has crumbled or is under crazy control, which makes for a fun story, but story is always taken from real life, no matter if the story is horror to fantasy, It’s what we have to relate to, real life. I give this film five stars because it was a solid script, well shot and I think this film a perfect example of how computer effects are supposed to be used with physical effects.

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  1. i dont 100% understand agenda 21 yet i am still reading and learning stuff on it. but i think there is a lot of that seen in this film.

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