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Japanese Pop Culture full of NWO Propaganda, America isnt Alone

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January 26, 2013 in Entertainment


(Anime or Japanese cartoons, is one of Japan’s main entertainment sources.)

Did you think America was the only country whose popular culture is attacking self defense, and any resistance to government?

Americans- in one episode, a black and a white American protestor are shown with exaggerated pig features acting foolishly. A smart reasonable investigator calls them fat, lazy, and greedy. Later, a  large group of multi colored American protestors are called “animals”. Money is thrown at the protesting Americans, which leads to the people they were protesting getting an easy getaway.

In another scene, the American President is shown to be cowardly and unwilling to fight a Japanese terrorist. So a Japanese task force that uses torture and starvation is created. Capturing people and then blindfolding them until they get to the special torture areas, but its ok because the special task force are all real caring people…who complain after only a couple weeks of torture.

HighSchool of the Dead-
Lots of underage underwear shots of girls (Sigh, Japan), The show is about a zombie outbreak, yet some
surviving citizens “go mad” and try to kill each other (without the Japanese government people go “mad”). Meanwhile the Japanese government “important” people have their own isolated island they get to by plane. No character is offended by this. Also, a character who RENTS a house in Japan, is called “very rich”, get used to the austerity!

Some survivors try to get past a check point, and the number 2 officer begs the number 1 officer to authorize violence on the survivors who MIGHT over run the check point. “For the greater good”. Number one officer says “but we are supposed to protect the citizens..”. Yet, just before this, 3 over the top, disrespectful teenagers are water cannoned off a high bridge for crossing a check point. Disrespect = death.

A lead Protestor/demonstrator claims zombies were created by biological weapon created by the Japanese and American government, complains about abuse of police power (can you even make this stuff up?). Cops then shoot zombies and the lead Protestor says that the cops actually shot innocent people (lead protestor guy has messed up teeth and spits when he talks).

Clearly anyone who questions government is a liar and brain damaged. He even does a deranged dance when the number one cop warns him calmly to disband “or we will take whatever measures to maintain order”. The lead protestor dances around and says
“no go away”. Cop mutters to himself “its not exactly legal”. Then a cop walks up and shoot the unarmed lead protestor in the head!

Then the show cuts to scene of a hot half naked blonde girl flirting with the main characters who decided to not go protest…

Then cuts back to the top ranking cop, who orders a bull dozer to slam into the protestors mid way across the bridge and then authorizes all the cops to shoot the protestors over the radio.

Then the show cuts back to the safe and happy main characters (who did not protest) some of them decide to make out.

Absolutely disgusting propaganda.

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  1. Much like i haven’t seen those two or three shows mentioned, you have yet to see many other anime and are making generalizations concerning Japanese media, specifically anime. One shouldn’t assume a united agenda behind these shows because there are many authors and many companies behind the making of anime and manga and they don’t always share the same views. Here you assume that every anime producer and artist is behind the promotion of government and the nwo and assume that they believe and are of the mindset that people who don’t like the government are “savage” or wrong. That is a generalization that, if you were to actually see enough anime or certain anime, you would see that that isn’t the case.
    I’d like to introduce my favorites to you to prove my point, that there is “anti”- government anime, that features rejection of an existing authority or anime about nothing or something unrelated to government or simply mostly innocent in nature (non perverted):
    Planetes (The governments who made it to space are rather evil and greedy)

    Eureka Seven (almost hippy and liberal in nature (dont watch eureka 7 ao, it sucks))

    Spice and Wolf (A well done show about, of all things, economics and the relationship between a traveling merchant in the middle ages named Lawrence and a wolf goddess named Holo)

    Azumanga Daioh (a quirky show about the lives of six high-school girls)

    Lucky Star (Seinfeld of the anime world)

    FLCL (all around crazy)

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