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Insane (But Convincing) Fan Theories About Kids’ Cartoons

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April 17, 2017 in Entertainment


The world of a kids’ cartoon is a pliant place where reasoning and logic can be thrown out of the box and nobody will truly mind either. It is just in a cartoon for kids where bizarre things can be considered as an ordinary typical event. But because of some innovative considering, some cartoon loving fans have figured out how to come to an obvious conclusion and think of a few insane speculations to clarify these strange jumps in a logic. But these stories are extraordinarily convincing with respect to why things are how they are.
1. Dexter’s Lab
Despite having a show that is devoted to his experiences and his intelligence of being a kid virtuoso, a famous fan hypothesis expresses that Dexter experiences Asperger’s disorder. This is because he had trouble interfacing and sympathizing with individuals in typical social circumstances, he has certain dull ticks, and if he had a decision, he would stay squatted in his lab for eternity.
2. The Cowardly Dog – Courage
Courage the Cowardly Dog is a purple puppy who is easily unnerved and is continually rescuing his elderly proprietors. A prevalent hypothesis trust that the world is only an ordinary place however everything is twisted because of Courage’s dog senses. This is because his owners are fine and the dog is just losing his brain over anything he looks at because he’s, well, a stupid puppy.
3. SpongeBob
SpongeBob and each one of his companions are mutants due to atomic testing. This one may have an insight of truth because the maker of the show was a former marine scholar and biologist.
4. Peanuts – Brown
For a beautiful kid show that features a few adorable characters and creatures, fan speculations trust that the reason Charlie Brown is always bald despite being an apparently healthy child is because he was suffering from cancer. Charlie’s awful fortune can be clarified away by him abandoning life as of now and directing all his pity into his fantasies and contemplations as he gradually dies.
5. Winnie the Pooh
The hypotheses go as each of the characters appear to have a mental sickness because of how they all act. This is easy to believe based on the conversation each character does.
6. Pinky and the Brain
A fan hypothesis proposes that despite their individual attitude and physical appearance, Pinky is the smart one while Brain is the insane maniac of the pair. The motivation behind why Pinky dependably destroys Brain’s arrangements is that he prefers life the way it is and Brain assuming control over the world would take away Pinky’s joy.
Cartoon hypotheses can be frightening and dim. Some might be truly what the essayists were considering, however others not. There’s many not included this article, but rather individuals have hypotheses about practically every cartoon. After this discouraging hypothesis on this list, your childhood is likely always demolished and you presumably won’t have the capacity to watch cartoons until the end of time.

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