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Illuminati goes RAW with Monday Night Raw Propaganda

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February 20, 2013 in Entertainment


Monday Night Raw takes their propaganda to a new level, being racist and down right unamerican. As Jack swagger showed up on Monday night raw with a don`t tread on me flag and made comments to put imprtant issues in a negative light such as the consitution, liberty and made it out to seem that if you don`t agree with a wide open boarder that your a racist.


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6 responses to Illuminati goes RAW with Monday Night Raw Propaganda

  1. As much as I love Alex Jones and World Wrestling Entertainment, it would would be a very BAD idea for Alex to agree to appear on WWE programming during Wrestle Mania season for the Jack Swagger programme. If Alex did show up on WWE TV, people would no longer take his message about the New World Order and the forthcoming scientific dictatorship seriously anymore, thus playing into the hands of the corporate media and Global Elite.

    As for the Swagger and Zeb Colter characters, don’t take them too seriously. Vince McMahon loves to parody everything under the sun, not just the Liberty Movement. We shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously like the Leftists and Globalists do

  2. I think I’m going to be really crazy and argue with myself cause I just found this video http://youtu.be/ZiIfFfJW-Hk where John Cena is talking about Bin Laddin’s death and the look on his face is like he knows he’s full of shit, atleast in this scene it sure does.

  3. I never noticed that but I believe I saw him on madtv with an all seeing eye t shirt, I really got the feeling that, that guy is on such a high on life that he really doesn’t know what he is in to.
    I also forgot to mention how Randy Orton was critisizing Jesse Venturas show on twitter a while back saying it was only for idiots.

  4. notice to two masonic 666 aokay signs that john cena flips to the audience every night before he wrestles?. …..bbbrrrrrrpppp…dah dun nu nuuuuhhhhhh…….deep dee dee nerrrrrrrrrr,,………….jooooowwwwwwrn denaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!pppppptttttttttfffffffff

  5. I agree with that, I was watching that the other night and it struck me as wow that’s one way to do. With the ratings and fan base that they have it’ll have some affect…

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