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December 7, 2017 in Entertainment


Choosing the school your children will go to is something that can become a headache for parents. Many decide to take their children to the school where they have been as children, others decide to send them out to study to strengthen languages or because they prefer other educational systems. Few would deny that a bilingual curriculum is beneficial and enriching for students that also encourage them to become citizens of the world. That’s why the curriculum is something that you have to take into account when choosing a school suited to your child’s needs.

There are so many definitions of art since there are artists. It can be described in terms of painting, sculpture and ceramics, or oil, marble, and clay. It can be realistic or abstract, one-dimensional or two or three. Here you will find courses on popular music, jazz singing, harpsichord and the guitar, as well as music reading, theory and history classes. You could sing with the Morley College Choir or an audition for the famous Morley Opera School – a high-level performance course with coaches from leading international opera houses.

Our music technology courses will help you develop the skills necessary to bring your projects to life, and will update your knowledge of industry-standard software and hardware at our state-of-the-art music technology facility.

harrow college Tutors:
Our art & design tutors are highly qualified artists, designers, and craftsmen who practice in their own fields and will help you reach your potential through the exploration of materials and ideas.

Our students
“I really like the variety of learning opportunities available and the friendly and supportive enrollment.” Mitzi Broadbent, Jewelry: Intermediate
“It’s been exciting to try a variety of techniques and skills, the tutors have been excellent, and the projects are fun and interesting.” Fiona Betsy Faumuina, Textiles Foundation
The jazz-fusion group Snarky Cachorro visited Morley College to give an afternoon clinic – conducting, discussing his composition style and participating in a Q + A session.
Art courses cover all this and more, offering courses in both technique and art history. If you are already an artist or intend to pursue an art degree, our art courses provide an excellent vehicle for the exploration and development of your talent and skills, with study time available in a variety of mediums. If you are specializing in art or an interested student fulfilling the Arts and Sciences requirements, the Fine Appreciation of Art – Travel Abroad course can open your eyes to a new world of possibilities.

Art courses at Morley College include:
 Basic Drawing
 Color and design
 Ceramics
 Fine Appreciation of Art
 Fine Appreciation of Art – traveling abroad
 Drawing on life
 Basic Painting
 Oil painting
 Jewel and Metalwork
 Sculpture
 Figurative sculpture
 Art of the western world
Contact Us:
If you have any questions about an art and design course and cannot find the information you need online, please contact us at 020 7450 1934 or send an email to artdesign@morleycollege.ac.uk.

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