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Fibonacci numbers – The Fingerprint of God

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January 26, 2013 in Entertainment


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2 responses to Fibonacci numbers – The Fingerprint of God

  1. I was thinking this exact same thing earlier today, seriously. Exactly that: the fingerprint of God. Cool. You can see his fingerprints everywhere, when an animal is taken by a predator and euphoria takes it –a simple act of kindness that cannot be explained by evolution because it is a conscious act by the Creator Himself.

    You can see His fingerprint in every tree branch, every flower.

    • Yeah it kinda amazes me people can be so blind towards that fact. I guess they are too distracted by the free-will of man to ever look beyond onto the perfections of nature, failing to realize our humanity is a gift from above.

      I remember seeing footage once of a wild leopard taking care of an injured baby monkey. It died overnight but it’s touching to see even a wild beast like that has more heart than the demented minions of the NWO.

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