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Escape from the ORDER! by Steve Nelson

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May 23, 2012 in Entertainment, Politics, Preparedness, Resistance, Science


Hi Friends, Please take a look at this exciting write-up about one of my most exciting books you can get right now!

Escape from the ORDER! © 2010 by Utah Author Steve Nelson

Is a fictional look into a very real possible future. The characters are fictional but the FACTS are REAL! This story is Better, more accurate and a lot cheaper than Hollyweird’s new movie called, ‘The Hunger Games!’

Two friends are born in a Government training facility & learn all that the New Order wants them to learn. They are separated at an early age to go about their life occupations & later are reunited for the final fight for Freedom!

Experience the future of the human in the New World Order through the eyes of Male2014 & his friend Male2012.

Imagine an Already Planned future where the human herd is limited in numbers & highly controlled.

***If you ever enjoyed ‘SOYLENT GREEN’ or ‘THX1138’ you’ll love, Escape from the ORDER!’ by Steve Nelson

Escape is over 46,000 Action Packed words + Lots of Newly added Pics! This book puts YOU into the Very Near future. Experience what life will be like in the New Order, IF nothing is done TODAY! This book is Science Fiction based on FACT. ***Read 20% of this Exciting book for FREE!  at SMASHWORDS.COM

See my nice slideshow: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QRIkoyRtx0

*Now also available at Barnes & Noble

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