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Coca-Cola and WWF joining forces to sell Climate Change propaganda in January 2013.

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December 29, 2012 in Entertainment


Today, 29th of December, 2012
Vught, Noord-Brabant (the Netherlands)

Coca-Cola now advertising new Global Warming propaganda with new (hopefully) (temporarily) design. (watch here) (image) or copy this link into your browser:

See the image (Coca-Cola can) (click here)

Global Warming / Manmade Climate Change message on the can,
On the can itself is a small message that reads:
Help hun leefgebied te beschermenwhich translates toHelp to protect their environment“.

WWF and Coca-Cola.
Coca-Cola and the World Wide Fund (WWF) are joining forced together in January 2013 (source here) to further advertise this idea of Global Warming (and/or) Manmade Climate Change.

There is even a video showing a “scientist” stating “The biggest challenge facing polar bears in the wild is rapid climate change.” (see the video).

“Climate Savers”.
The website further states that Coca-Cola since 2007 is part of the (so-called) “Climate Savers” programme in which comanies (alike) promote CO2-reduction and are an example to environmentally-friendly energy and energy conservation.

Raise awareness, or so the propaganda is called.
Starting January 2013, there will be a “Arctic Home” campaign to ‘raise awareness’ on the CO2-emissions and the so-called manmade climate change (becaiuse they do’nt call it Global Warming anymore),

Infowars.com Videos:

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2 responses to Coca-Cola and WWF joining forces to sell Climate Change propaganda in January 2013.

  1. That’s it, I’m boycotting Coke! Yet, another scumbag company pushing their Global Warming bull shit agenda! GREAT!

  2. interesting, they want to grow and spread the idea of global warming.

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