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CNN, PIERS MORGAN defaming Alex

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January 7, 2013 in Entertainment


Alex did good. Unfortunately the format Piers and CNN set up really sabotaged Alex. Pretty much they called him a crazy, angry, liar. And of course, Piers put in the “innocent nice Englishman” face, opposite to what we have seen from Piers in recent interviews with gun rights activists on his show, calling them “stupid” and liars to their faces on the show.

BTW Alex – when someone asks you “Why do people need guns”, the answer is simple.

“The 2nd amendment says that if our government comes to my doorstep with automatic rifles drawn, then as long as I don’t have a criminal history with guns, then I have every right to protect myself, my family  and my property . It’s common sense that a single shot pistol cannot really be considered a means as which to protect myself  against multiple enemies as would be faced in a tyranny, as numbers is how they would surely come. Not man against man, but a multiple-manned military brigade with rapid-fire weapons versus one man. Hence how S.W.A.T. teams come in  TEAMS , not S.W.A.T. man, even when facing a lone gunman.”

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  1. They put Alex out there on that chair like an exhibit. Then Morgan tries to run a self controlled debate. Alex was having none of that. It looked like Alex just decided to get as much info out as possible before they yanked him out of there. It’s easy for people to arm-chair QB this but Alex is fighting for our freedom and if He doesn’t suit someones style then they ought to get out there and do it better. I know the writer wasn’t criticizing, I’m just adding some thoughts.

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