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Charlie Daniels – Behold a Pale Horse Movie & Music

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July 12, 2012 in Entertainment


Charlie Daniels is in a new movie called, “Behold a Pale Horse” and he and his band have a new song out with the same name.   Here’s the movie trailer:

Behold a Pale Horse – TRAILER

You’ll notice lots of familiar faces warning us of the NWO plans – Jim Marrs, Gerald Celente, Dr. Stan Monteith, Joel Skousen, Larry Platt, etc., etc..  Old Charlie Daniels is the “host” of this presentation, it looks like.    There are some actors doing reenactments of famous patriots like George Washington, the guys of the Alamo, and other stuff like that.   Looks pretty good.  The rednecks ought to love both the movie and the tune!  (No offense intended to my redneck friends, lol.)

The complete song and the DVD movie are available for purchase at several sites, like Amazon and ITunes.  The song has some pretty cool lyrics and a catchy tune, in my opinion.  But, I’m an old CDB fan from way back.   Your mileage may vary.


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  1. 1000 Paul Reveres or 1000 Eugene McCarthys?

    Is the “South gonna do it again?”

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